Jesus Loves You! | Classic Crusade from Anaheim, CA - burst 6


Of your life. I guarantee that jesus said if you will acknowledge me before people. I will acknowledge you before my father in the angels in heaven but then he added if you deny me before people all deny you before my father and the angel so by coming forward your acknowledging him openly and publicly in. You're seeing. I mean this i wanna do it now. You need to do it publicly and then last thing. You need to do it now tonight tonight. I think god's speaking to some of your heart. You're saying this is it. This is what been looking for. This is what i want. I'm not gonna let other people to my thinking for me anymore. I want jesus and you can come to him wherever you are. Whatever you've done. The bible says today is a day of salvation. Listen tonight is your night so don't put it off all come tomorrow night and do it all come sunday night. Yeah hey come out. Saturday and sunday would love to have you here. But don't wait till then

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