218 - New Level, New Devil


If you've been listening to this podcast for awhile then united i loved talk about money mindset. It's one of the biggest things that has shifted my business from having inconsistent months to being fully booked and making five hundred a month every single month so if you want to work on your money mindset this year and stop any the money that you nor the you deserve to own in your business then you want to get your hands on my new guide. Ten mindset sheaves to supercharge. You'll business. I'm sharing with you. Every step that i have taken to elevate my income and subtle. Welcome the abundance and not just money like oportunities and all this incredible abundance come into my life in the last two years to your copy. Has the lincoln the shy nights you can also find the link via my bio on instagram dallaglio. Copy now and let's get into today's episode. The next step in life caused by chris thank wilkin is for all hots entrepreneurs who wants to up level then mindset motivation and fitness to make a positive and meaningful impact in the world today. So if you love what you do and wanna hear from inspiring toilet ladies and successful business and where we have real conversation real connections. Then this is for you. I want to assist you in finding the clarity anyway as you need up little your mindset and set your soul on fire to take math it aligns action in your business so you can take your life to the next level ready to get started. Let's go welcome to my first solo episode for twenty twenty one happy new year. You're doing really well and hype. You've been able to get over the hangover. That was twenty twenty. A lot of my clients in the last couple of weeks have definitely felt the after effects of what twenty twenty was. And i don't know about you. But i definitely found that took me a little bit longer to get into this new year into a little bit longer to feel motivated and excited and positive about a whole new. Ya especially after everything happened last. Yeah so if that's if that is also you please give yourself a little bit of grace and know that there's a rush does not Deadline you do not have to be into a whole hints base of a brand new year. If you're not ready for it so if you need more time to reflect reset to rest please take that time you are on your own reis. Akeso plays run your own reis and choose. What's best for you. I know that. I definitely need extra time and rests so what i'll be doing is actually taking a few extra weekends and getting away enjoying myself and finding time to rest so if that's you please join me and do the same so today. I really wanted to talk to you. All about new level new devil. So over the break i created a beautiful guide all about ten money mindset shifts that i've had to put into my business to elevate myself to my next level of success and so if you really want to supercharge your business definitely to the link in the shine arts and grab your copy you can also find the link fire my by on instagram as well and saw as i was working through that and now nasa to step into his whole new year and creating new priorities and you focuses on where i want to take my business this year. I've sat us to thinking about how i'm creating my growth plan and how sitting myself up for success. The she next year the year often. And what i wanted to create on a long-term basis. And as you start to do that you were going to come up against some barry. You're gonna come up against some mindset blocks and that's hardly so wanna share with you some of the things that you may experience as you start to push through a new precipice of success in new precipice of growth milestones. All that sort of thing. So what i mean. By new level new devil is that every new level of business requires a whole new version view and we sat comes a whole new version of blocks and belief systems. That are going to keep you stock and self sabotaging behaviors that are going to keep you playing small. You have created a beautiful comfort zone in the level that you're currently sitting in and that level of comfort ability is going to be challenged as you start to grow to a whole new level. So maybe you've got to the point where added to be quite busy and you quite booked and now you like how do i manage my mindset throughout this busy period. How do i manage. The systems may be look at different processes may need to hire a tame and so all of that is a whole new version rights. A whole new version of you that is required to show up differently to believe that you're capable of learning and growing and upskilling and all managing paper. It's a whole new level of skill set and so every new level requires a whole new version of you. And i'm going to continue to say because i need you to take it on board as part of who you are two nor that you outgrowing throughout experience and i love that saying grocery what you for if you allow yourself to now if you are holding on feast clenched to the old version of you and hauling on fists clench to the old level of business. That has been normal for you. That has comfortable for you. Then you could be creating more resistance than even not necessary so firstly. I want you to acknowledge yourself a how you have come so before you even go to look at that next level of guards. Please take time to stop an acknowledge yourself and celebrate. You a wins. The reason why i say this is not just to enjoy yourself and have been a fun and celebrate. It's actually to embed belief systems that you're able to achieve. You're able to learn and you're able to grow because that's exactly what you've done to get to where you are today so please take the time and actively choose to look at how you created the results you've created so far right.

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