Houston, chance of rain with sun returning next week


Got a lot of clouds, not much in the way of sunshine. The next couple of days. We've got another cold front, though. Once that clears out of here early next week, we will see some sunshine. So I think two states today, let's mark it on the calendar. Come back and revisit this on Monday. So we're cloudy, Not a lot of Ringo today and tomorrow a 30% chance of showers. Today it's mild. That's the upside were mild through the weekend, mid sixties still low seventies today. 20% chance of a shower tomorrow mid upper sixties are rain chances increase Sunday Monday because the Cold Front's getting closer so a 40% chance of showers and some thunderstorms. Sunday, Monday and then dry Tuesday. All the clouds most of the cloud should be out of here by Tuesday. So Nice Sunny day, mid sixties the low seventies Tuesday,

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