S6 E2: The Nocturnists 2020 Holiday Special, Act II

The Nocturnists


You'll see my grandpa grandpa chain smoked for those of you. Who don't how is the richest fruit also knows brandis. It's basically giants very very ninety nine. It's greased and inside a all pulled that is not as use. It's working or grapefruit. You could even dry dry when you bite into bite into the polls uses the inside and side of it so can puled alum stripped off hands and as soon as you do bite intellectually plus. He pulled the mouth i remember. I remember when grandma on. I would sit on the ground. The drugs out during the only during the winter at os the would and I associate next door chain smoking room when turn nights next to a chain smoking grandpa. So i'm not unique in this. But i love christmas so i'm not unique. Inness everything about the holiday decorations. Everything about the holiday decorations this year. Actually the way. Chris smells microbes. this year. Actually thanksgiving put us my all using nature as much as possible. Let us pick out that. My mom one hallmark to she would let us every year one hallmark ornaments. She packed with everywhere. And then ships them into me Over the for away again. Last year she should come to me with the time. I'm the decorating traditional ornaments. That i think is going on my christmas ornaments that i end some of these ornaments just trace a pat and some of these organizations rate You can just. I wanted to be straight. And so this is what i wanted to be an astronaut. You can't see it but it's a rocket lights you can't see a rocket lifting and here have another thing with spend with the have another just in case you think my that's the rhythm seven and freedom like the star and one and you're wanting traditional lines. This was always your more traditional favorites lake answering machine childhood favorite inching mission hill every night when i come home and i see my tree all lit up every night i completely extremely eventually it up christmas with my frankly extremely vented remember that there were so many times Behind us and there. I remember that there were so many good time to time behind us. And they're going to be so me a little bit longer times ahead of us. Happy holidays we just to wait a little bit longer happy holidays. I'm just hadn't upstairs in my house and just had an ice. This is where i live. Been thirty five years. My ground has been thirty five years thirty one and a high son-in-law just practicing thirty one that in law who's designees running back my daughter's upstairs surroundings my daughter's upstairs in her off the court in my bedroom holding chair for my bedroom fully bookshelf cure racing down bookshelf. Luggage rack in boston. Down top with my luggage rack in a box in my lifetime. Though i see the light on my face. The last owning the the last three evenings lights on the full tree smith three weeks to think as a dog in this room. I spent three weeks dog in this happened now. Barely stories of joy. What would happen but now is the joy brilliant and beautiful things about covid in my opinion and beautiful in covet in my opinion zoom. We all know meetings zoom. Have we all know about. I was introduced to tie was introduced. I was in the meeting. Which was i. don't worry and our our has. He died three and we had advice for his memorial. So i don't know how to by sending miraculous in. I don't know why they morial rack to look at this crazy style whole wise. They told stories about this. And the next thing i discovered was this thing called the low bar corral and the next thing i discovered was this the around barn corral and but then and is below barker online version. Am i right now in dallas might be right now which i'm gonna and i think you'll see sing along with along with see what it's like. You can sing along with me. The is actually

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