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Anthony read this story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. And just because we're bilingual. We should point out that we will. We know how to say cucumber. We know well we know how to say because we we were both raised here in america and also when people bring us on their their shows to discuss cooking. Because that's what we do. We also know the names of the items in america because we have you say you can say cucumber barrier boy. I don't know what's going on in the baldwin house this week but you can be sure. There's a little voice in the back of alec baldwin's head saying. Oh my god. Did i marry what has happened disaster Just the awesomeness of creating an accent at some point years ago to market yourself having it takeoff weight. Just as i'm thinking about this through properly. Yeah we shouldn't pick what ancestry you want to have. Shame you shouldn't there's no picking. There's no don't you don't doorbuster. Don't shame fake ancestry. We're about to get into the shame wars in the next ten years and that's a shame that things are going crazy i can see. He's fighting over. Shame attleboro shaming. You have shamed us. We're water. Please don't joke champ and called the jam cam fucking guy dave. Okay gary gary is it for five o'clock five part could hit him with the puppy. Resent sick arguments. That's right candy. A gareth dave we are brought to you in part by pella. Tom now gareth aside one for a while. because he's a workout freak. I was just reading the given one we. We were giving one in our house. And it's jim in your house. I love i love. Peleton has yeah. I mean that that's the thing especially like right now. Trying to figure out ways to get exercise and look peleton has world. Class instructors curated music endless endless variety of fitness things you can do. They've got An unmatched fitness experiences. Keep you motivated working out. It does and keeps me motivated at. I'm probably in better shape than i have. Been in a long time shirtless episode recently and people really were happy to send you a. Yeah i'm i'm super buffed. Away about two hundred and eighty pounds. Now it's all mostly in the arms. I have basically arms like the rock and then the rest of my body very skinny and then my head is larger and one big foot so yeah so look They got got great instructors. Everyone i am a fan of. I guess it was their first instructor because she swears i appreciate. I appreciate the keeping it real. There's others that's where are there. Yeah yeah you gotta you gotta take a customer. Andy's class that i don't know if he says anything that's not a square i really like i like just king like met wilpers. Those are those are my people. My wife likes it she. She likes all the encouraging words and all and the bad stuff structured workouts. They got you can pick your music lists like you won't whatever kind of music you like you can go through and pick that can pick. How long the workout is. I'm sure you're doing like an hour and a half two hours now. I could do ninety outdo ninety minute classes. Are you really doing ninety minute classes. Yeah hell yeah. Yeah wow yeah but but yeah you're able to if you want to do like five minutes ten minute twenty minute thirty minute. Whatever you want real hard really easy. Yeah i never would have thought that. I would be somebody who would be like into cycling or and i'm really not still doesn't mean i got on my bike a lot. It is just for working out for burning calories there. There's i don't know a better thing to us. And i am a cyclist. I've been cycling for years so to me. This is great. It helps me for this days. I don't have time to get my bike out and go for a ride it. It's a great it isn't just game engine cardio at a strength class to your ride or combined cardio and strength in one workout. So it's all there want subscription the whole family.

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