Investigating NASA's Use of Big Data

Innovation Now


Nasa is increasingly using artificial intelligence to help code and read peto. Bytes of data collected each day. Now those same. Big data techniques are revolutionizing biomedical research. This is innovation now. Nasa recently renewed a research partnership with the national cancer institute extending the development of data science to support cancer research. The early detection research network or e. d. r. n. is a consortium of biomedical investigators who share cancer related information working with nasr's jet propulsion laboratory in california. The scientists use the same computer software used to study a star or planet and recognize how the readings from different instruments relate to one another to study statistics from anonymous cancer patients. Working together since two thousand. Jpl and fdr n have discovered six new biomarkers approved for use in cancer research diagnosis. By the food and drug administration. The biomarkers have already been used in more than one million patient diagnostic tests worldwide. While nasa proves their big data science capabilities biomedical researchers correlate information collected about cancer improving early warning detection. That benefits us. All

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