A highlight from The Bucket List Family



Or wherever you get your podcasts. Committed is a production of iheartradio. I had said. I wanna do a little bit of travel and guarantee doesn't do anything halfway so a little bit of travel turned into selling everything traveling around the world for what we thought was going to be four or five months and then that four or five months turned into three years of full time travel. You know five years later. Seventy eight countries later another child later at just kind of evolved into what it is but it didn't necessarily start off. That wasn't the plan. Initially what started off as four months of travel for garrett and just kaji eventually turned into a lifestyle and a career during a time when a lot of us are still locked in our houses. It's nice to think about a couple traveling around the world with their young kids. It's nice to imagine them out there. See garrett and jessica figured out how to become travel. Influencers influence sir. That's someone who works with brands to pay them and their young family to travel around the world. It is a total dream. We're just your average family was choosing to live not so average life. We decided to sell everything and leave our home for an adventure around the world and now we are the bucket list family. Oh man we've been dorothea. Manila our oldest have been to even to eighty three countries. Yeah a lot of country and then baby callahan. He's been to. I think thirty seven. I think now there was part of me that wanted to find out. This wasn't a dream that traveling with three small children was actually exhausting and tedious. But the truth is that just cutting garret do make. It seem easy and beautiful even though the first to admit that. It is stressful. Sometimes but right. Now they're nomadic. Family feels like exactly the escapism that we desperately need. I'm joe piazza

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