Tyson Fury looks bulky as he trains for 3rd fight with Wilder


Very big news. Surfacing sugarhill is the trainer of tyson fury and it seems like he posted a picture of not only tyson fury. But anthony durell guy that you know wasn't questioned during one of the tyson. Fury fights as to being part of that tyson fury team while he's now in a picture. Tyson fury a very bulky. Tyson fury very muscular tyson fury tyson fury came into the rematch with deontay wilder. At two hundred seventy four pounds and he did look a bit solve but that extra weight caused all the problems that we see in that fine. Now he's bulking up that way. Is he gonna move better. Is it going to slow him down. And he's going to get robotic as he likes to question and sees. Aj bad news for a while because he's getting stronger. What we're gonna be talking about the fact that it looks like fury's in can't four that fight. We know johnny nelson adam smith and a few others have been letting the cat out the bag that they feel that. This fight is going to happen. That fury has let it out he will be signing those contracts so looking like wow. The fury threes imminent. Fury's already in training camp in miami. And i'm just saying he looks bulky is hell.

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