Off The Record: Why Not Live Like a Kid Again?



What guys welcome back to off the record two daddies in a baby addition when we talk about whatever the hell we want la bringing some life into this dude. I saw this one video. It's fucking disgusting but hilarious right so it was the most craziest thing jungle boy swimming link. He has a cigarette in his mouth. He looks about six years old or few looks like a child. He's swimming and he's keeping the cigarette dry talent in that song that you know that. Oh no no no no. That's all playing in the background. Right this on facebook and he he goes like that and then he comes back and he hits a cigarette and a log at dookie floats up and he's cracking up right and i'm like this is what's crazy is like everybody has a smartphone. Now you could be in the middle of like in the jungle and do this. That's great l. A. smoking kid. That's taken a while he's swimming is just and he's making a fucking tiktok nude dude yesterday or not yesterday. Two days ago. I was taking a shower. We just all was in the hot up. And then i went into the shower and i was turning on the water to get warm. 'cause tyco's kinda like jewelry hates the call so he's like if it's really hate it so i'm waiting for the water to get warm and i'm looking through the glass and i see him standing there and he goes and he just shoot the shit on the floor. What wait wait on the shower. Like wait outside of the show just waiting. 'cause he's naked so he's just he doesn't know not to shit why not wearing ever. He knows he's not he's not he's not supposed to but he couldn't control squeeze and it just shit on the floor and he goes because he. He's embarrassed embarrassed and he feels bad. But then i looked at gio. Parents always have the whose turn is it. But then i'm like am

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