Superstitions Special: New Years Eve Festivities

Dog Tales


Could have been a little less weird there. Four thirty pm. Calvin was safely back in grants department. Granted told him that the men who visited were just some guys from water and power. Calvin had tried to calm his nerves by texting his old college crush about the upcoming party. In about an hour he received five texts from shirley and sent nine not so favorable ratio but he held onto hope in each of her delayed responses. He could detected glimmer of the fire they had in college. He told himself to be patient. He would see her at the party. No need to overplay his hands so soon though he often clocked grant staring at his own phone with the self satisfied smile on his face like he was thinking the same thing. The day went on like this. Kelvin made some trotskyists. Ice axe posts texted some friends to find another couch. Crash on his texts received few responses. Everyone it seemed was occupied with their new year's eve rituals like the woman who had given him shelter earlier that day. Her name was reba soto and she had no plans to go out that night. She had experienced a number of new year's kisses and not just with men either that this wasn't the superstition. She was putting faith in this year. She was a fairly practical minded woman. She worked in accounting after all. But after the atrocious year she had she figured it was the time to use every tool she had available so to speak. She had both a plan. A and the plan beef for setting a good precedent. Twelve green grapes for the stroke of midnight and red underwear to signify romance in the new year according to her spanish and mexican parents. You didn't need to go out to find luck. It could be found just as easily at home eight pm. Calvin saw dark car parked across the street. Nearly invisible in the night it was parked in red zone but wasn't moving like the ghost of a car that had been towed ages ago. Calvin said those two men who stopped by earlier. Who were they again. Grand shrugged some. Irs people who are looking for the last ten and i think nine pm calvin received a concerning message on social media normally. He shrugged off any all ominous threats. This one was concerning it read simply they know your ass charm city. The casual use of baltimore's nickname worried calvin. Perhaps going to the party might be the best way to remain anonymous for the night. Ten pm over kelvin's objections grant called him an uber to the party in federal hill as they drove past the dark car calvin pulled up the color of his winter coat to hide his face ten. Thirteen pm it didn't take long for calvin to remember how much he hated big parties. The penthouse apartment was full to bursting with people. There was no dress code in the massive bodies. Calvin saw everything from dinner. Gowns to skimpy fifty net tops from tuxes to ask chaps the level of modesty be at the discretion of each particular guest. Grand was shameless. Going every glimpse of feminine skin insight. I love new year's eve. He bellowed as he made for the open bar. Calvin breathed a sigh of relief at being rid of his annoying friend. He was going to find shirley. If nothing else it will be a relief to find a familiar face in the mob but he could not find her after fruitless searching through every jam packed. Room of this building. Calvin learned the truth. Shirley had never shown up as it turns out. Shelly had been swept off her feet by charming red headed neighbor who swung by her apartment to return some misdirected mail. Calvin had no way of knowing and apps chevy didn't either that in the scottish celebration of hogmanay the first person who enters your home after the stroke of midnight is supposed to set the tone for the new year she wanted another year full of traveling whirlwind passion and perhaps she would get just that but calvin would never know all calvin you in the moment was that he was alone in party full of obnoxious strangers. The future look like another lonely year for him famous online radical devoting all of his time to uphill battles against systems of oppression an outcast in both personal and public life. He poured himself a drink. Eleven thirty pm. Time was running out. Calvin sent by the ball listening to a woman named gloria rant about how she was forced out of a great job when suddenly a familiar site caught his eye in the crowd. Tin seem possible. After all the expectations he built up for a free and celebratory evening that the men in suits had managed to follow them here. The square shoulders and black suits were impossible to mistake amid the rising young bodies on the dance floor. Calvin had been so focused on his disappointments. He'd forgotten to properly scout for exits in the worst case scenario. He snatched a discounted wig a nearby table and a pair of massive glasses shaped like the numbers twenty twenty and slipped through the crowd as nimbly as he could the had to be some escape. Eleven forty seven pm reba. Soto walked down the street toward the boozy apartment complex in the end. She hadn't spent new year's eve watching the apartment on tv and eating green grapes of midnight. Some friends had peer pressured her into going out but as she drew closer to the raucous building she hesitated.

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