A highlight from Nigeria To Reopen All Labs And Open Isolation Centers Again

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You're listening to the news at this hour. On africa business radio authorities in all sorts of states of the federation have been asked three. Open all nabarro trees and skin off the test in four thousand nine of the chairman of the presidential task force on covid. Nineteen mr boss. Mustafa made the appeal on tuesday as a briefing in a pooja. He told reporters that all states reopen all of our treason. Shoal that test and is expanded and turnaround. Time for results is substantially reduced. Most are added. That report received also points the fact that laboratories recently established in the states are not working optimally that effective january one twenty twenty one the passports of the first one hundred passengers that are filled to take their post arrival. Pcr tests will be published in the national dailies. And that was the news at this hour on africa business radio you can continue to listen life line at stopping you. Ww dot africa business radio dot com or via our mobile app. I am rachel she gender. Thank you for listening.

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