Elon Musk Eyeballing Super Company 'X'

Lew Later


So yesterday we're talking about this potential apple car. We're talking about this. Meet up that n- may have taken place in an alternate universe reality dimension but did not take place in this one. This meeting of the minds between each. Musk and tim cook. Apparently musk reached out to tim cook. In the early days in model three talked about potentially having apple acquire tesla for one tenth of the current value. That did not take place. Apple probably does not care and the rumor now is that they'll launch their own electric vehicle in twenty twenty four. That's the rumor currently however in the meantime Yvonne has experimented with a variety of companies not just electric cars. Tesla the most well known of the bunch but he's got a lot of stuff going on including space x the boring company. Sometimes you wear the hat. He says the boring company on it. Yeah not today not today neuralink starlink these still have a solar city or is that as probably solar something going on among a variety of other things. I'm sure that maybe people are less talked about and things that he's working on but Obviously i guess a serial entrepreneur. Maybe you might call it He's interested in a lot of different things and so recently there was a suggestion took place on open. Api is in there. Look at this. It's hard to keep it all together. Anyway there was a suggestion that took place on twitter from tesla investor. Who said who actually has the name by the way. Oh so it's not. The dave lead that we know but nonetheless i propose elon musk to form a holding company. Called axe alcoa's at well. What's the name of your company x. It's it's immediately a futuristic and mysterious. That's what does for you xs mission. This is again part of the tweet and the suggestion xs mission is to ensure human survival and progress. That's the only mission xs x becomes the parent. Company of tesla spacex neuralink born company. Ilan what do you think once again. We have ilan making news with just a quick little reply. Good idea december twenty third. And just like that. What you get forty eight thousand likes on the tweet anyway. So he's open to the idea and You obviously remember the story with not the story but the development with google becoming alphabet and then and then alphabet being the parent company of this variety of companies underneath. So i guess it would be a similar structure similar idea to something like that however. I'm not certain. I'm not sure why this wouldn't have been done all ready. There must be some kind of advantage to having these all Broken out individually. There's a suggestion here that in In the case of starlink they were considering an independent. Ipo for that company on its own. That could be a huge company on. Its own talking about Bringing internet two locations through via satellite that were previously underserviced. So i don't know about the advantages disadvantages but it would. It does seem like a tidy way to bring all of the brands in missions. Were all of the missions in line to but to bring the insight to bring to potentially bring the talent into into more of an overlap. Where now you may have technologies and advancements that take place under one heading bleeding more easily into another so like so there's different wings. We've already heard about this right with. Was it the cyber truck they like. Oh the stealing cyber truck. We learned about and spacex. And and then you could imagine. Oh our ai. Discovery through thomas on tesla. We're using that in when we're working on neuralink and i'm sure this is happening already. But not in a in an official way

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