Despite reactions, California says virus vaccine can be used


News for l A and other counties in California that have been scrambling to get enough doses of the Corona virus vaccines to inoculate everyone who's eligible. State health officials have given the green line to restart using a batch of modern, a vaccine that was put on the shelf after a handful of people experienced allergic reactions. KCRW's Darryl Saxman has the latest The state's top epidemiologist, says a safety review found no scientific basis to continue the pause and that vaccinations with the Moderna doses should resume immediately. That decision frees up more than 300,000 doses to county cities in hospitals struggling to obtain supplies. Earlier this week, the state Department of Health recommended not using that batch of modern a vaccine after what was described as fewer than 10. People inoculated at San Diego's Petco Park developed severe reactions. Those problems were not reported in any other county that received vaccines from the same batch. Doctor. Erica Pan, the state's top infectious disease specialist, said in the statement that the safety review that involved Mo Derna and health agencies found no cause for concern. She said the findings quote should continue to give Californians confidence that vaccines are safe and effective.

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