Is Tether a Fraud? Its Bank Says It's Not


Last weekend. A medium post by a pseudonymously former bitcoin investor going. By the name crypto anonymous made the rounds on crypto twitter and elsewhere it was titled the bit short inside cryptos doomsday machine and alleged that the stable coin tether which is supposed to be bagged one to one. Us dollars is a quote highly probable. Fraud there are a lot of different. Strands that crypto anonymous wove together to present his or her hypothesis. But the one. That was people's zoomed in on concerned whether or not tether is fully backed so tether is run by tether limited and limited bank is deltec which is out where you work and that's a bank based in the bahamas and the part of the peace that people are concerned with was a section where curcio anonymous showed some tables of the foreign liabilities of domestic banks. And here she wrote quote from january twenty twenty two september twenty twenty the amount of all foreign currencies had by all the domestic banks in the bahamas increased only by six hundred million dollars going from four point seven billion to five point three billion and so the bahamian dollar is pegged to the us dollar one to one so it's the same in us dollars. Then he or she wrote but during the same period. Total issued tethers increased by almost five point four billion going from four point six billion to ten billion so great. Can you explain why this discrepancy exists. Well i've seen that article. Actually i find it very interesting that there's someone that apparently have time. Perfectly buying and selling crypto actually is often the case those article of so-called experts. They usually have time to market like geniuses and then started claim scenes that are kind of unpacked especially in that case they went to that. I think it's the digest central bank of the bahamas and it became overnight a banker expert which i loved because we always look to recruit but in that case they didn't deal it further about how that works first of all. They should have known that the bahamas is what they call them. Offshore jurisdictions so what it means offered ratings soon as you have domestic bank and international banks into domestic banged there is to type of licensed linked to it. You have what they call the authorized dealer license and you'll try agent license deltec dual own authorize agent license which is a license that allowed him to custody. Bahamian don't have what we call an authorized dealer license so when it comes to cash on deposit we cannot old any in dollars cash deposit and at the same time because we cannot all those dollars. Behave in dollars. We cannot serve local customer so what we have is we have along that authorization license. We have an international bank license. Or i think it's called restricted license as well so in fact for that report and i'm sorry for that person because i guess he thought he was onto something. We are not a domestic bank for a reported deposit and actually if he went and the little effort to go indego bit about the size of the bahamian market of thinking would have found out that the entire massive banks have around two hundred billion dollars in assets. I believe and we are part of that. So we are not a domestic bank aside of authorized agent license but that is irrelevant business for us and maybe be much must be reported. We are an international bank and that is part of the international aspect. That's why i did answer it to some people asking but you are domestic within no because we cannot take domestic customer and we cannot hold domestic him daughters so that report is actually a nut relevant and nothing to be in there

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