Yeah, so then If the relationship between Fox News


Because it turns out he has been operating Fox as it plays to groom. Young women for incredible level of sexual harassment, and at times it is alleged sexual assault. S o. He is fired. So Rupert decides I'm going to run it for a while and I'm going to throw in my lot with Donald Trump. And you know what he and Trump were on the phone all the time he goes, and you know quietly to the White House in ways that aren't reported. The White House decides not to release visitor logs in the way that's been done in recent decades. So you can't documented as well. But I did stories early on in the administration 2017 showing that they were tied and they were talking Very frequently. So suddenly, what Murdoch has is a line into the White House. That he's never had before. The compromise he's had to make is it's a candidate who doesn't believe in. Yeah, so then If the relationship between Fox News and Trump is frayed right now, to say the least. Is what's going on there represent like an existential crisis for Fox, or just like a bump along the road. Is there a moment a year or two from now where Fox is viewing audience has forgotten about Trump, and they're totally team Fox again. Or has this fundamentally changed the way that Fox News will operate in the conservative media space? I mean, in some ways, it depends on its leadership, and it depends on its personalities. In the absence of leadership. People like Sean Hannity, just do whatever they want.

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