President Biden kicks off term with flurry of executive orders


Biden Thursday laid out what he is calling a full scale war time effort to fight the Koven 19 pandemic. Right now, there are more than 24.6 million cases of the Corona virus in the U. S. CBS is we Jiujiang with details, Help is on the way. First wave of help is coming through 10 executive orders that President Biden signed Thursday he promised to do better than his predecessor. But he reminded Americans of the reality ahead. We didn't get into this mess overnight. It's gonna take months for us to turn things around. The president invoked the defense production act compelling companies to make supplies everything from more syringes to peopie eat. Part of Mr Biden's actions aimed to increase testing and vaccinations. But he bristled when a reporter asked him if, as some experts have suggested the promise of 100 million vaccines in 100 days is too low Bar hired Basically where the U. S is right now. When I announced that you all said, it's not possible. Come on, Give me a break. Man. Question Good start back in the briefing room Over two months after his last appearance, Dr Anthony Fauci, who returned as President Biden's chief medical advisor, One of the things that we're gonna do is to be completely transparent, open and honest. CBS is we did Jang at the White House.

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