The Swedish Secret to Happy, Productive Work Days

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There's yet another scandinavian term. Making the trending rounds lately. This one has been around in some circles for a while. There even used to cafe in manhattan by this name that went to a few times. It's called fica f. i a and it's basically the swedish word for a coffee break but in practice means so much more quoting courts. The word fica is used both as a noun and a verb and is derived from the swedish word for coffey. A national obsession for the world's third largest coffee drinking nation unlike the american style. Caffeine jolt the swedish coffee break is a moment to literally leave work behind taken first around ten. Am and then at three pm. It's not a strategy for multitasking or for fitting in another mini meeting. It's a chance to relax in the company colleagues. The longstanding swedish social ritual doesn't necessarily even have to involve coffee. the key is to pause your day and quote. You can have your coffee or tea. Whatever your pleasure. And ideally you'd pair your beverage with a fresh baked good but the main point is to take a real actual break from work lars lund. Who owned that chain of fika coffee shops here in new york city told courts that taking a fica break two or three times a day makes them more productive and number of studies have backed this up. According again in two thousand ten grant thornton study found that swedish workers were the least stressed worldwide. Perhaps in part because we companies are experimenting with the six hour work day and made fica mandatory and even though only one percent of swedish employees work overtime according to the latest oecd better life index. They're not any less productive linkoping. university professor. Rebecca adult suard has studied the history of swedish social rituals and says breaks like fica may actually boost productivity studies. Show that people who take a break from the work don't do less. It's actually the opposite. Efficiency at work can benefit from these kinds of get togethers. She writes on her university blog. Her observations support a two thousand fourteen stanford university work productivity study that argues for capping the work week at fifty hours maximum and quotes and nyaka yano. The general design manager at moody says she noticed that swedish workers are exceptionally good at switching between relaxation and focus and within office space is the fact that the break is taken. Together across hierarchies putting all that aside for a few minutes can really help break down barriers and encourage healthy forms of bonding among colleagues. When i read about fika. I realized that i've kind of set my schedule up this way without meaning to i take a mid morning break to have a snack and coffee and pull myself away from the endless feeds and e mails. I'd been staring at all morning. And then i take another no screen break in the afternoon. Once this podcast goes up. of course. i'm not in an office. Space chatting with co workers and always manage to take both of those breaks every day. But that's the goal. And on the days that i do. There is a noticeable difference in my energy focus and overall contentment levels. Now i just need to get better about my baked goods game if you want to dive deeper into fica. There's a few books out there. One that kept popping up for me is actually a recipe book but it also includes a lot of information about the custom in how to adopt it in your own life. it's called fica. The art of the swedish coffee break by annaborough bonus and johanna pinball and the official sweden youtube account also produced a six part series on fica back in two thousand sixteen that you can watch to learn more about it links to both of those in the show notes

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