Philadelphia Eagles hire Nick Sirianni to replace Doug Pederson as head coach


We're gonna talk about the new head coach. The eagles tired offense former offensive coordinator for the indianapolis colts. Under frank reich. Nick syrian of course This is a this is a guy who i don't think many of us of before the last couple of weeks so this is certainly certainly football. Guys know who. Nick serianni is people who are who are living breathing and and eat this stuff. No hixon's but for the casual fan. There was no reason to think he would be on anybody's shortlist. Of course eagles didn't have a shortlist. They had a long list and we're looking at seemingly every coordinator under the sun here over the last couple of weeks but just before we get into the details. What are your general impressions of nick. Serianni your i feel like It's gonna be hard to judge him early on because first off. He doesn't have head coaching experience. So he's going to be learning on the job and second he's coming into a situation where The idea of molding a quarterback is going to be tough. because he's gotta figure out who's his quarterback and Is this a question of are. Are you fixing the guy that looked like the cornerstone franchise quarterback. Are you putting out fires inside a locker room because of Are we are. We going to have factions inside that locker room that wanna see carson wentz or jalen hurts or there's so many unknowns on who's going to be the starter in september that this guy has to figure out but at the same time he has to figure out his way through the entire locker room so the stuff i've heard from guys that i trust in the nfl Guys that i i. I've been texting over the last You know six months but also especially during the last week in the coaching search. The coaches that they interviewed. Just show me that The person that they thought they were gonna have wasn't the guy more Things have changed on the quarterback situation. And you know when you when you see the connection that frank right has and the influence that he has with nick siri auntie and conversation with carson wentz. You start to connect the dots. Oh they'll this would naturally make sense but at the same time. I don't think he was on many people's radars and I feel i feel like you know. I have some optimism. But i come back to one thing and and i haven't been this way john while when it comes to the eagles and it's really depressing and i wanted to depress our audience and it doesn't matter who you have as a coach if the coach doesn't have any sense of power of putting together a staff if the coach doesn't have Any any say or strong influence on how to build the roster that is what kind of free-agent as well as we're kind of draft picks and that was a huge issue with doug and buying when you win the super bowl away. Doug won the super bowl. I think doug deserves a little more Room when it came to influence. And if that hasn't changed from above doug With the gm. Then what are we talked about. We're talking about an owner. Gm that's going to have more say more control and the same thing that we've seen before and i've said this before during the entire Coaching search. Why would a head coach with experience or reputation or the The hotshot innovative Guy that's coming in like lincoln riley. Why would they come into this situation. If they don't have a sense of control of power so. I think it's very predictable that we're seeing first time head coach Because it was the same thing we saw with. Doug it's it's the same track record and if you are going to follow the same stuff. You're gonna continue. Repeat the same mistakes over and over again above doug on who is making the picks right clearly clearly that has not been resolved yet or at least not publicly on understanding power. We figuring out the talent pool because what we're doing right now or what. The eagles have done right now has not worked. And when you look back at specially going back the last six seven years

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