Maybe traveling on to 70 north or south bound from Frederick


10 30. Good morning. I'm Heather Curtis. Death threats made against Congresswoman Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez lead to charges against a Texas man, police say posted them online. Eric Miller also faces charges for allegedly threatening a Capitol police officer during the capital riots. Some police officers were being credited for saving lives and during those riots on January 6th. Others are being investigated for possibly being involved in them, and Associated Press review finds police departments around the country are looking into at least 31 officers. A few cops have already been charged in connection with their alleged involvement in the riots. If you were hoping to get out of the house and go to the Washington Monument, you're out of luck. The National Park Service says It will be closed until further notice to stop the spread of covert 19 as 17 year old boy is dead after being found with a gunshot wound in a car along route 50 and buoy

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