Always just assumed that he was going to play.


Literally 10 minutes before my home spoke, Andy Reid says Mahomes practice, but he's stolen concussion protocol to go it's Friday. They could be out of concussion Protocol by Friday and then 10 minutes later, boom Mahomes at a concussion protocol, I go from Who part Mahomes. My home, said it at the podium. Tyree kill of the Kansas City. How about those Chiefs says the focus isn't on trying to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Really, let's hear it. No one is like really thinking about actually going to the Super Bowl. I mean, we're all focused on the Buffalo bills, because obviously that's the task at hand. So that's kind of the way we do things right around here. Just focus one week at a time. And when the Civil War was here, you know that used to be in the Super Bowl, baby. I get what he's saying. One game at a time. One planet at a time, a player mentality, But when you look at this game, what's the focus to get to the Super Bowl? Come on now throughout the whole season, Do you sit back and go? Hey, the goal is to Get to the Super Bowl. Of course you do. But you got to take it game by game. However, how many chiefs players last year after one of the Super Bowl said, Oh, yeah, we're not only gonna win the Super Bowl next year, we're gonna become a dynasty. So do I believe that when they're in the locker room this week, they're just bills, Bills, bills, bills bills? No, they're saying guys we beat the bills were back in the big game. We're back in what the Super Bowl. Chamakh, German Buffalo Bill's head coaches. The team has to be mentally tough heading in Tara head. That's where the experience comes In. Is s L mentioned Leslie has experienced significant amount as well as Brian and some of the other members of our staff. So way back on that experience, and we'll get our team ready to go. And we know it's gonna be a tough environment against the defending world champs. Last thing I'll play for you. I think it underrated storyline here. Home, so he got to Kansas City was a draft day trade with the Buffalo Bills. Through that trade. The bills eventually got to Davis White, Dion Dawkins and Tomato Edmund's All three very good players. But looking back at that trade, you consider it. Wow, The chief's definitely wanted However, now and it wasn't from that trade. But the bills have found their quarterback last year. He was good this year. He's been great. Josh Alan, of course, is that quarterback is playing on VP Balraj together with the M V P but him, Holmes And Josh Alan or in the conversation, Sean McDermott says that development of Josh Allen has been very important getting the bills to this point. This is the next step for Josh and This'd is just this is what you want. This is what you're worth Brothers is what he's worked for, so they'll be ready and we're extremely confident in Judge Can you imagine the buffalo Bills get to the Super Bowl? Just think about that. Buffalo Bills are going to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's gonna happen. I think that the chief's gonna win that game, but It's something to think about their 60 minutes away. If you look back at that deal From what it turned into white Dawkins Edmonds and then they also not from that trade, but they eventually the next you're drafted Josh Alan, that court gets to Super Bowl. Yes, I would still rather have Patrick Mahomes. But that would be a nice feather in the cap for the

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