Out with showers by the afternoon.


Night. More snow and rain expected also in next week with upper fifties of the coast, inland, 47 to 56 degrees and anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees for higher elevations with cold drifting snow around, so it's going to be slick, very different weekend on the way try to stay warm. City. It was most accurate forecast that meteorologists Angelica campus with weigh in on the way for tonight's right now downtown San Diego. It's 57 degrees. Coco News time is 601. The numbers are in for San Diego County for today, and there was a record 79 coronavirus deaths being reported. A county, however, is reporting 2800 new coronavirus cases. That is only a positive test rate of 6% at 10.7% rate over the last two weeks, hospital admissions continue to drop his well. Those were down by 10% the unfortunate number of the deaths 79 today A record daily number

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