Spacecraft Named For 'Hidden Figures' Mathematician Launches From Virginia


Her name just prior to her death at age 101 in 2020 Johnson won the presidential Medal of Freedom, received an honorary doctorate from West Virginia University and was spotlighted in the Oscar nominated film Hidden Figures. Northrop Grumman named its new cargo craft the SS Katherine Johnson, following the company's tradition of naming new spacecraft after influential figures in the history of space flight. In a news release, Northrop Grumman said Johnson's work quote quite literally launched Americans into space, and her legacy continues to inspire young black women every day, unquote Yes, I hired Johnson in the 19 fifties at the dawn of the space age. Her work was to act as a human computer, and that work was underappreciated and underpaid. At the time. However, it's now recognized as instrumental in sending the first Americans into Speight's Johnson also double check the orbital equations you through John Glenn's 1962 Space flight, and she calculated the precise time and location for launching the first manned mission to the moon. Yesterday, Johnson's namesake took off from Virginia to deliver supplies, scientific experiment and spare equipment to the crew on board in the international space station. In December. New Mexico representative Damn. Holland was selected by President Joe

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