California School Board Members Caught Disparaging Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast


This is members of the Oakley Union Elementary School district on the board of trustees. They were using some Well, you guys can hear it if you'd like me to play the audio clip, But they were referring to the parents and talking about the parents and the teachers and, well, you know what Pat? They thought that it was private. They didn't realize that it was public. Okay, so it's It's gone viral all throughout the day, and I can play that here. If you guys would like to hear it. If anybody's missed it, I want to know what all the hubbub is about. I've missed it. And besides, this is one of the reasons it's when the only chances I never get to use the word hubbub. And now I've used it three times. So Wow, that's used up my my yearly supply on that word, So OK, so I will start the audio clip here for you, okay? Oh, okay. My understanding is it's set up like you just leave a message and it But it will only allow me to leave a three minute message from start to finish. Okay, so just goes and then it just You know, captures it and then Then goes. Mm mm. Oh, boy. You know what can I was just thinking came up. I was just thinking about it now. Just to encourage you. Yeah. Stop drinking the hide behind the screen and put it in. But we saw you smoking a joint your face to face with people. It's a whole shipment. It's a little different ball game. You know what's funny is that she's friends with which is a little store and They were supposed to be a special media. Someone else does it. It's like whatever. I wasn't doing anything bad, I could I really, honestly don't care about that part, but you know what? Are we alone? Yes. Yeah. If you're gonna call me out, I'm gonna you up party. That's just me. No, they forget that there's real people on the other side of this. Those letters that they're writing. Yes. What a real community members. We have kids or have known kids that I've gone to these schools right? Haven't invested interest in this process. Yeah. Those were board member school board members. All right, Yeah, And so they're so they're woke, then write. The superintendent of the Oakley Union Elementary School District has apologized for the conduct of the board members and the head of the school board has resigned. And there are have been calls for the rest of the board members to do

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