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Rubbery series when. I tell this whole story and i look back on it i i look back on and i think it was rights. You did the right thing. Because they will always times when i was in it and there was massive dot and i thought of myself as weak thought of myself as irresponsible. I thought of myself as you know dysfunctional somehow and And of course the same time. I was also very confident in the united. Sometimes i didn't care. I just went off but but i know even with the suffering even with the mistakes because this faced. I made a lot of mistakes as rent along. It was rights of role and each thing led me but by areas included struggles included all of my sons. If you want to call it that way included my arrogance and my whatever all of that led me to this right place where led me to a place round the priest which i didn't even know it led me to a pace as an economic away unfulfilled with a painting and it led me to a place round happily married with my soul mates and i have children who are driving up the wool. It's just it's perfect in a sense. I am by perfect. I don't mean that the like we've been saying that it all just falls in your lap in. It's all wonderful. I mean it's perfect because it's completes. Its whole the whole thing lead up to two fulfilling moments of funding life that we have now look like you said the journey is another life. Never stops things always happen. Who knows what the future holds. But i know looking back at all of those decisions from the time. I left school with correct. Never correct and it led me to the right place to inspirational interviews. Where you'll discover every day bravehearts connecting with a truth found out. What inspires them to do what they love. How they gotcha and why they never give up. Be inspired by these stories to create your beautiful world role not researched real life stories with your host jane rod kool. Hi guys welcome back to inspirational interviews. Yeah we have made the fulfill episode With the life story of justin fan. And it's just been such a cool journey to get to know the story of a man who really went on this quest to find out what his truth was and those of you have been following all of his Episodes will will really know historian. Come to love to story. Like i have is just such a cool. Just a cool journey of someone who's being on this gas mission when he was younger to discover truth and discover what you know what what the fabric of life is and obviously now he's older and he's dead and you know he sees life through a different lens. It's just been sar. Amazing to be a part of the journey and into historian its entirety. It's incredibly inspiring. So if you catching in this episode out of the blue. I urge you to go to pot one. Because it doesn't even say pot wanted to his justin and then after that you'll see one two three and this is pot full but Go listen to it guys. It's worth while. What a cool story before we click into the lost episode of justin story. A quick one shea. The show on with france. Sharing is caring. Just going to any of the little feeds tabs on the websites and shared on with You know friends that you know family who just could benefit from hearing cool life stories. You know positive stories stories that you can play in the background and get things done in the house all driving and you know the hearing a cool story in the background you can never go wrong with a true story right. And when it's coming from a positive perspective it's just always it's motivational uplifting. And it takes you out of your own thoughts. So sheridan and five instagram guys Inspirational interviews you can also find me on to jen rod And those of you guys needing an interview. Let me know if you needing someone to help you on the coaching side of me. Just go to the website. Inspirational interviews dot com subscribe. Once a week you'll receive a super bowl. Iv storing your mailbox.

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