‘Slow And Steady’ Storm Could Drop Up To 4 to 8 Inches Of Snow In Boston Area


Is that it's not just going to be a couple hours and then it's done. This storm is sticking around for quite some time. We've got a winter weather advisory up until seven o'clock tomorrow night. So we got this snow coming down in waves tonight. It's going to be a few waves of this. And if you're right by the coast, there is a chance to you could see some flip asleep and freezing rain mixing and especially their again South Coast, South shore, Cape and islands. So just be sure to keep in mind that the snow could be certainly heavier, more wet and harder to remove. Everything should start to move out tomorrow later in the day, afternoon, early evening hours all thing Sudden down. We'll see about 4 to 8 inches from most of the greater Boston area. Certainly a little bit less if you're right along the coast closet or four inches or so because of all that makes that makes its way in weekend actually looking pretty okay Morning flurries on Saturday with the high in the mid thirties Sunny on Sunday with a high near 32 live

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