Amy Miller, Nicole Aime Schreiber and Jessica Michelle Singleton guest

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From the bleakness for another homes alone edition. It's thursday yeah. Thursday doug ury twenty fifth twenty twenty one and i put together an awesome panel for this month's bonus episode. We do one extra episode at the end of the month. We postpone wide world of doug for a week. That'll be back next week. But i didn't book this show. Somebody on twitter just tweeted. Hey why don't you have. These people do an episode together and then all of them. I think responded or least two of them saying yeah. That sounds like an idea. I was like all right. Well i guess that's shows booked and we picked a date and they are here and they are jessica michelle call amy schreiber and someone who needs to get her middle name in the mix amy miller. Salinas amy selene miller oh solely salim. Yeah we both have very french. middle name nicole. Amy you could use it professionally just like these other ladies. I probably should every once in a while. A new amy miller starts comedy and she's really bad at it and then she puts videos up and like god bless. But it's not good for me won't it won't make a difference by the way because there's a girl by the name of nicole schreiber somewhere in this country who does comedy and she went on a forum and was saying how armie hammer is not a bad guy and then some women came for her and i received all of the messages that were supposed to go to her and one girl was like eminent. Cancel year and she put career in quote quotes. And i was like. That's because i would put my career in quotes to she's like your career's over. I already emailed your will. Did you hear back from her. Because i haven't heard from her since march and then she emailed me and she was like i just told them that it they had the wrong nicole. And then amy my manager. Molly told me that she to her being psycho. I was like well. That bitch owes me an apology. So even if you throw that middle name in there they'll still get you wrong lou. You want me to kill the amy miller i will though no no no no doubt i feel like you're encouraging people to try to book Show via twitter by. Just you're getting a lot of people throwing three names at you now. Nobody ever do that. This was a terrible idea. That guy or or lady. I forget i mean. I don't even know if i ever knew who suggested the three of you appear together but we know who. Oh yeah no. That was was my boyfriend to your show. And i was like we know that can i went you. Tell look i know. I couldn't spent like a great fan. But i can't live without kind of lie. He's a huge fan dog. He is a huge fan. He's a huge fan. But i'm like this is like a you know. Make a wish like a dream episode for him because he said he would like to have you on with the nicole and amy. Yes that this is a that that is exactly right. So i'm happy to make that. Make me from a death date. I mean he does now. you never know what's going to happen these days like this is in honor of him in case he doesn't make it. Amy amy mills. Just everybody listens to this show. No she's money in the bank. And if amy came up almost any to other people. Instead i'll i wanna do show what these people i think i would probably say yes. Well thank you for a doing. Just podcast was at The what's the festival in. Cleveland accidental comedy festival. You did a live taping. Doug loves movies. And i. I saw amy there. I think remote areas it to dave and dan soder was a good one.

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