New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Feb. 26


Baker. Her new record is called little oblivious in the song hearing from it is highlight. Reel by boiling featured. Her single called favor earlier this month. The man there is so much to love on this record that we just wanted to share bit more seriously. I am a huge fan of julian. Baker and i love this album. You know what. I really love about her. Music is the immediacy of it like her first couple albums are really stripped back. Just guitar in her voice and sometimes piano and just never felt like she was building this whole apparatus around the thing that she's trying to say to you she could communicate really effectively and directly. So then when i heard that this new album had a more full band sound. You know. they're strums and bass and keyboards. I was like a little bit nervous. That about losing that sense of directness button. I don't think that happened here at all. I think one of the ways that you hear that full band really activated on this record is the way that the songs even though. They're pretty summer the way that they really really build. And i wanna play a little bit more of highlight reel the song that we just opened with go a little bit later

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