A highlight from #176 Dena Crowder 2020: The Year of Wisdom

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With charlie hedges as he explores turning the page on his life and yours. Hey charlie hey. Paul today is going to be a very interesting close of the year. Podcast our personal life. Coach dina crowder and i will wrap up two thousand twenty by reviewing my personal year and trying to determine what essential life wisdom lesson did i learn this year Dina crowder is the best at digging deep into the inner self to help. Determine wisdom lessons learned in life. And that's what this show is called. Twenty twenty the year of wisdom strangely enough so today i will participate with dina crowder in edina crowder designed life learning exercise which she will take me down a road to discover what wisdom i may have gained from two thousand twenty. This process is always so fun and just a bit scary because the truth merchant ab pleasant or maybe a significant challenge. But either it's truth and we need to pay attention to so for today's episode. I'd like you to know that. I plan to enter the show about five minutes into the conversation. You won't miss anything. Dina is just beginning her overview process but before the conversation re explain or read rediscuss right but a bit about dina. Dna crowder is known as the most innovative strategist and consultant for leaders and and creators clients. Include grammy and emmy award winners cnn. He rose founders writers performers educators and upstarts from every industry. Her latest achievement is dina participated in ted ex. Talk titled the power. Is you know. I'm wondering how many of us are feeling that power in quarantine today are feeling the power summer struggling. And that's what we're going to talk about so paul. Let's join dena already in conversation with me as we begin the next chapter which harley so dinna before we get to analyzing me which i will most surely even though we have a briefing podcast. I will still put off looking at me as long as possible Tell me about the power labs that you were conducting all over the country today. I think it's a brilliant idea. Can you explain what those are about. Absolutely before i do though i would love to reflect to you charlie and all of your listeners that i don't see bad parts in you or in any of my beloved clients and i see parts aspects and some are more let us say integrated and whole and others. The process is you described a digging process a deep inquiry. And when we do that we're not looking to identify anything as a bad and wrong. We're looking to see parts that don't match there. That are that are fragmented about the word that i like to use. Orc a simpler way to even think about it is these aspects that are out of step with present time and maybe not able to give and receive love or contribute and be contributed to and my job is to shine on those parts not to malign them or punish them but to help you. Bring them integrate them. Bring them into a healthy fold. What a word. I've been been brought into my lexicon lately and it sounds very much like it. Fits with what you're doing and its alignment with you know sort of core self sort of core sense of values of who you are would you. Would you think that's that's true. Yeah alignment And core yeah absolutely. Yeah that's a fascinating. You said something that. Got me interested in as my normal. My notepad is missing. And i don't know what's doing with that because i now can't remember the question i wanted to ask you about the power lab and yeah yeah you asked me about the power swing. Explain the power labs to us. The power lab are small immersive groups labs if you will for as short as a couple of hours and as as long as a couple of days that allow people to come together in intimate fashion people who are very different. Different walks of life. Different races religions background but to come together around a single topic to have transformation in their own belief system and come away not only with a new perspective but that word we just used earlier wholeness with a a much more whole feeling on the inside and ability to take action on the outside.

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