A highlight from New Year, New Stripes, New Courts


Is episode one ninety eight and our first of twenty twenty one while. Welcome you into the new year and like i mentioned. We're talking a lot of bengals and college basketball. And then possibly what to look forward to and twenty twenty one because there is news on the dayton dragons front by dayton dragons front. I mean mayerling baseball but hey dayton dragons happened to be part of minor league baseball. Nfl everything is done the regular season. And you know we have our teams that are going to be in the postseason. No the bengals are not one of them and for the first time since two thousand to the cleveland. Browns are in the playoffs actually sunday afternoon. After the browns being the steelers by to the steelers. backups. I mean i got to tweet. Say how'd you like that game. It's like oh yeah. I liked game. I just worked account and it's like yeah that's totally the game. I've talked about but No all seriousness. I do realize. I have been tough touch brass about the browns these last few weeks. I don't need to come off like that. i do. Apologize congrats to cleveland. And the fans do deserve it but the main reason why we don't talk to positively about the browns on this podcast says you got wing for that. Brown's rule bengals drool. That's pretty much the key format on fourteen ten. The bengals do well then to that sucked so bad. So that's why so seriousness. Congratulations but also you got the steelers again. And they're going to be close to full strength so good luck there. So let's talk about the upcoming playoffs week. Eighteen of football and the twenty twenty wildcard will consist of the following six games. Remember the seven teams in the nfl and afl making the eight knocks. Me nfc afc. For second there. There was an american football league. I paul anyway. Six games and seven teams make the playoffs in the nfc and afc will start off with the saturday wild card games. The january ninth games. Start off at one of five on. Cbs as the eleven and five indianapolis colts traveled to the thirteen three buffalo bills at four forty on fox. It's d- tenant six los angeles rams of los angeles visiting the seattle seahawks. Who finished twelve and four on the season and then at eight. Fifteen on nbc. The saturday you got the eleven and five tampa bay buccaneers first time since two thousand three tampa. Bay's made the playoffs spent a while down there for the box. And they'll take on the football team seven nine normally. This is a time where you can shout him. He's like why football team. There's several yes. I know but this is the washington football team. They won what is called the tank division by your aintree the nfc east and it turns out that dallas and the new york giants got eliminated thanks to washington's win against philadelphia mayor. Have you have read up on that game when you accuse a team of tanking. It's pretty serious. So let's talk about sunday's game january tenth we start off at espn on one zero five as the eleven and five baltimore ravens. Well visit the eleven and five tennessee. Titans at four forty on cbs. The new orleans saints twelve and four will welcome in the eight chicago. Bears looked like with. Chicago's lost to green bay. They weren't getting in but arizona. Couldn't beat the rams so therefore it's the chicago bears at the new orleans saints and then at eight fifteen. Nbc is sunday is the twelve thousand four pittsburgh steelers. One of those four losses was to the bengals. Monday night football. Don't forget against the eleven and five brown spots. Cleveland will be without their head coach. Kevin stefanski which i think. Yes i definitely throw him in the running for coach of the year but then big band back see how the steelers do still still don't really have a running game whereas cleveland. It seems like they've forgotten their running game. We'll how we'll see what happens. It should be a good one. Yeah that's your six games for wildcard weirdly enough. I thought there was supposed to be games on nickelodeon of all places. The losing team gets lined. No i like. I said that's the channels you got to on. Cbs to on nbc. One on fox and one on. Espn swear to think football on espn but there you go. The bengals are not part of the playoffs. As you can tell and that last game we're going to brush up on 'cause rough day the office. What did i see. I saw that zac taylor. Tenure with cincinnati baltimore's outscored. The bengals something fiercely silly. It's like

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