Donald Trump's Legal Hangover - burst 7

Trump, Inc.


Will do about. Trump's case to block van subpoena. But because the case relies on trump's status as president many legal scholars expect the court to clear the way for vance to ultimately get the documents. There are other trump legal matters wending their way through the courts. The new york attorney general. Letitia james is examining whether trump's businesses underpaid new york state taxes a civil violation by undervaluing. That's this is another inquiry. We know about. Because of trump's oppositional legal strategy eric trump one of the people in charge of the trump organization during his father's presidency refused to show up for a deposition james went to court to force him to appear and he did. Some details of her investigation became public. Our investigation for the most part is civil and so our investigation will continue When mr trump becomes a private citizen nothing will preclude our investigation going forward. The investigations don't end there. As donald trump becomes a former president. Were left with tangle of civil suits and criminal probes of him and the people around him a massive legal hangover. Federal prosecutor manhattan are investigating whether trump's personal lawyer rudy. Giuliani broke lobbying laws in his dealings with ukraine. That's according world's going on Stephanie just learned that steve bannon is in federal custody in new york city at the time he's been charged in an indictment with four other people alleging fraud of arrested arrested live parnis and eager and campaign finance related charges as they attempted to leave the united states. I don't know them. I don't know about them. I don't know what they do. President trump's in niece mary trump is accusing him and two of his siblings of cheating her out of millions of dollars

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