Conversion Killers for Photography Sites with Jan Koch


My name is scott wine wits. And today i'm joined by my guest. Johncock host the wbz agency summit and consults businesses on hosting their own virtual events. His agency power community driven businesses that serve digital agencies to host virtual event so they can grow their loyal audience and establish thought leadership. When he's not working on the business he loves spending time with his wife and daughter were chasing his silver lab through his backyard. So welcome yon finally. We're connecting And i'm glad to have you in. This is going to be a really good a really good educational discussion for a lot of photographers around the world. Thank you so much. I haven't meets code. It's so everybody where you're from because obviously you've got a different accent than i do. So allow share a little bit. A little bit about your backstory absolutely so. I am from germany so english is not my native language bandwidth we if i mess up. Sometimes i do my best. I started using what press in. Twenty twelve's Originally where. I got in touch with his online marketing digital space and in thousand thirteen. I decided to become seven employed. And i haven't looked back since so it's the best thing ever for me. And as you mentioned we have a small family here that is supported by lend business and virtual events and stuff like that recently acquired vitual summit mastery dot com. which is the leading course for running ritual events. It's actually the cause. I took to run. Majority wants to learn how to do the the right process out to make sure that the events are successful and stuff like that. So excited about this. But i'm also very much looking forward to talk about all the good stuff. We have coming up today for sure. So you started using president who doesn't twelve. I just did a quick. Google search that means you started using wordpress inversion around three point four. Yep that's really interesting. I love hearing that. I love hearing because like every stage of wordpress has a different look in a different function that didn't exist in the past and it's always fun to see a just a date myself a bit. When i first started using wordpress was still version one and there is no gallery system so i started using extra gallery. Whatever your it was version one. that's yeah so so what. What is your your favorite thing about. Wordpress that As helped you stick with it and You know that helps keep you. You intrigued and interested in wanting to recommend it to others. Yeah that's a really good question. And they are two aspects. One is how flexible the system. It's like you can do almost everything with repes- if you know your way around. Php and my sequel pretty much. A lot of things with were president than I'm not a developer by trade. I've learned a business consultant. Study for business consultant so What i needed to rely on especially in the beginning is the community and education from the community and by diving into the community mercy myself into that and sharing what. I'm learning learning from others. That is what really made me. Stick with what press because there are so many tutorials out there. There are so many helpful people that you can just approach on twitter or stack overflow or whatever in any facebook group that you might find your own wordpress people want to help you if you post is somewhat relevant enough on your homework before that so That's the best thing ever now with the virtual events that i'm hosting i'm seeing this to speak from all across the globe just willing to volunteer to speak and to help me get the word out of what i'm doing. I think that is the best thing about many other. Cms can out from for sure. Yeah the community is definitely one of the best aspects of wordpress. The is great. But you don't get the same experience community wise that you do with software In the websites based like yes sure. There's facebook for squarespace or or wicks one up but the interactions are not nearly as as depth as you get in the wordpress based plus these dedicated events. Both what used to be in person basically barely virtual these days I can't wait to get back to the in person stuff. how many can you have any work camps. have you been to. i'm just one. I have to admit workum europan twenty eighteen in berlin. Did you speak at it or

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