An Excerpt from the book From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter by Kerri Richardson


From clutter to clarity cleanup your mindset to clear out your clutter by carry. Richardson clutter is a multifaceted multi-layered phenomenon. That has little to do with you. Being disorganized in everything to do with the important role it plays in your life if there are things thoughts or people in your life who don't contribute positively to what your health and happiness. Then you've got clutter. Dirty overarching categories of clutter. Simple which is easily cleared and stubborn. Which is stubborn stubborn. Clutter is comprised of symptomatic. Clutter in core clutter. Remember this difficult to clear clutter is never about the stuff is about what the stuff represents whatever clutter you struggle with the most is where you'll find the most poignant learning opportunities about yourself your values in your mindset the tactics. You used to distract yourself or procrastinate. Give a peek into the core causes of your clutter. What's really stopping you from. Clearing it unpacking the concept of clutter when you think of clutter stacks of paperwork piles of clothes or toys strewn about your family room. Probably come to mind but clutter comes in many forms. Despite the success with downsizing physical. Clutter that i shared earlier. I still have one hotspot. That troubles me again. And again i struggle to get rid of it for thirty years and while it had some success it seems to inevitably return my stubborn clutter. Hotspot my weight. Yes the pound my body. I realized thinking of clutter has more than just stuff is pretty revolutionary and clutter. Revolution is just what you need. Approaching the removal of all kinds of clutter from a truly holistic place helps remove the shame related to it allows you to see the intricacies in this multi-facetted process. There are three main categories of clutter and each one is defined by how challenging. It is to clear number one simple. Clutter if you're able to get rid of it without much effort than it simple. Clutter because there aren't it in layers compounding. The situation clearing simple clutter is just a matter of making the time committing to the task and getting it done for example with my stubborn weight. Clutter the simple clutter would be the pounds can lose with little or minimal effort. They're not hanging on because of any bigger issue by eating better and moving more. These pounds come off relatively easily number. Two symptomatic clutter if he struggled to make the time. Make decisions or let things go. You're dealing with symptomatic clutter. You're sure you're ready to let it go but you can't seem to finish the job. Something is holding back and you're not sure what this is. The most common kind of clutter and is an indication that something deeper and unrelated needs your attention number three core clutter. This represents those deeper issues that lie within or underneath to symptomatic clutter. This is the source of all other clutter and is the reason binder inability to make progress cork letters rarely if ever the i kind identify similar symptomatic. Clutter points you in this direction anytime. You're feeling stuck frustrated or lost. Their is core. Clutter in play while this may seem intimidating realizing that there is more going on is like picking up the shovel. You may not know what you're digging for and that's okay. Just start digging. When you dive into the core clutter. I guarantee you. They will positively impact all areas of your life when you sabotage your progress in any way. Some part of you is benefiting from that stumble if my expectations for weight. Loss are unrealistic. Then my resistance is going to win may be amusing. Wait as armor to protect my and vulnerability when what i really need to do is set some boundaries. Perhaps the pounds are validating a limiting belief that. It's not safe to be thin if any part of me believes. I don't deserve to be treated well. I could be proving myself right by eating healthy foods. The core clutter is the message in the mess this is. What is rumbling. Underneath stubborn clutter. And this is what your soul is asking you to work on to break free from the obstacles in your path. Pay attention to the chatter over the years. I've discovered that in my own life and in the lives of those i've worked with the source of core clutter is any combination of three things unrealistic expectations limiting or old beliefs and a lack of boundaries understanding. Which of these things is at the root of your struggles will help you. Better understand ultimately clear the clutter in your life as you investigate the message in your mess. You might find the cause to be one or a combination of the three because one 'cause often leads to another. You'll likely find more than one at work.

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