Cuomo Plans Continued Development of Penn Station and Midtown | WNYC News New York


Is proposing an infrastructure infrastructure plan plan for for New New York York City City that that he he says says will will jump jump start start the the economy. economy. WN WN Y Y sees sees Stephen Stephen Nessen Nessen reports. reports. The The $306 $306 billion billion plan plan focuses focuses on on midtown midtown Manhattan and would include a new train station called Penn South for NJ Transit commuters and a new Port Authority bus terminal and will be the most ambitious mass transit development in the United States of America. Large scale projects often get stuck in bureaucratic delays like Penn South, which will Is in a long stalled plan to build a new tunnel under the Hudson River and eight new tracks, all of which needs federal money. But with Democrats in power in Washington, Cuomo says these projects and more Will receive the support they need.

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