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Okay this is pretty cool the illustrate poll. And this this this rifles called the impulse St paul is faster right straight going straight back straightforward The impulse comes in a few different models the hog hunter the big game the predator. And we've got one in six five creed more that we're gonna be trying out one of the cool things about this for me because you guys know i shoot from the left side. I'm left eye dominant. I can just swap that bolt over to the other side. And we're good to go. So that's pretty neat so check them out Savage new gun okay So today on the show. We've got todd from a nap. Maniacal firearms but dora does say that writer banura all right So don's local to where we are and we kind of mutual friends Started talking and went this guys kind of a gun geek like us. Yeah we talk so welcome in man thank you appreciate your evanston maniacal firearms. I mean give people a little bit of your background and what you guys do. We're custom shop okay. Custom rifles glock clockwork stipple Certified sarko okay. Certified by circuit upon her stuff That's a big portion of our shop to And then small retail but most of the stuff we keep for retailers for upgrading guns while we're working on them rings because she's And try to stay more on the higher quality stuff. Us made big deal for us young. Yeah and just try to keep it in that lane. I guess so. We have seen over the last couple of years. A big growth and interest in long range shooting and accuracy and rifles Talk about your journey with that. Because i know you got into the long range shooting accuracy shooting but you kind of had a journey getting there and trying out different things. Yeah probably fifteen or sixteen years ago. A buddy of mine convinced me to go shoot a service rifle match gang with him and He loaned me a gun to do it. With and i went and shot one or two matches with him and i kinda got a got a bug for and i liked it because it was a lot about fundamentals of shooting natural point of aim because its iron sights two hundred three hundred and six hundred yard right Shooting a our platform on a m16 with a carry handle very kind of old school right right like it's the same as the civilian marksmanship program. What they do in the military but in civilian life. yeah so Shot that for a while and it just kinda got me into competitive shooting. And then i had that same guy was also gunsmith. Had him build me an f. Class gun shot f class for a little while did that you know Dabbled a little bit in two gun and three gun. Not for very long a lot of equipment that you need. They're real gear heavy very which having some people love that. That's what they love about it. They love all the they do. You know it's just like some people with reloading. They like all the steps of reloading. Where i like is little bit of it is. I can get The accuracy i need So yes some guys like all the gear and stuff And then i kind of found my way to p. r. s sheeting About five or six years ago. I think i've been a member. S and You know not top a nation or nothing like that. But i enjoy it a lot. I like bringing new guys to the sport to will appear has become seems to be one of those growing sports shooting sports. And i mean we're we're talking about precision rifle shooting. Probably most people listening to this at least familiar with it Trying to encourage more people to get into it. D- what's involved. I guess if somebody said well man. I'm not gonna be able to have this crazy rig or am i gonna have to be able to do this or that. I mean if somebody said. I'm thinking about getting into it but i've never done it. What would you where would you start. Well you know now because of that push nationally. The commercial company savage ruger all these companies have started development. I actually feel like pr. S made them step their game as far as the accuracy that they're building into their rifles now so there are production rifles brigade and makes a great one savage. Make some great ones there on chassis. Some of them some stocks So i don't think it's like a. It's something that someone has to have a four or five thousand dollars for Obviously you know when guys come around me and they want to try it. I have extra rifles. Always bring him. I want him to shoot and be involved Just mostly because. I enjoy the sport so much at anytime you have. It's just like hunting. And i feel like a lot of the guys that do haunt crossover into it. Well because it's such a practical way to shoot ryan positions. You know which are also encountered in the woods they have stages and appear s match. That are set up like a hunting stand where i shoot at animals at different distances and stuff on steel targets. So i think it's a crossover to wear hunters can enjoy it and actually gives them away to practice during the season when they're not hunting and then when it comes to haunt. You're more proficient with your firearm. Which means more ethical kills right absolutely more successful. I think that's a great point because i think Back in the day Hunters would people who avid deer hunters or whatever they really go through like two or three boxes of ammo year if that if that right side in you shoot a few extra okay you check zero. Yeah you go kill you and then if you don't you don't even have to shoot that much right. Yeah but this is an opportunity like you said to get better and just shoot more. Burn powder burns some powder. Yeah i mean my my buddy cyber would say bullets or cheap. Just go shoot shoot So custom rifle builds. Something you got into and boy that is we can get into the gun geek. Ary pretty quick that road but what type of people come to you looking for a custom rifle I would our kind of think it most of them have nice factory rifles already and they're just looking for something that is more specific for them. You know whether it be barrel length or length of pool that they're not getting correct out of a factory rifle Or just looking for better accuracy. I mean i've had guys come in and get build a rifle because them and they're buddies go shoot all the time and they just want to have a gun that shoots they're buddies to well. Hey thing there's a lot of that yes well you wanna you wanna be able to outshoot your buddies. You want to be able to say. Oh you bought one off the rack. Oh that's cute look at this one. It's it's accustomed when or how much do you have them. interested in. maybe a little bit different type of cartridge caliber a lot. You know Geisel it seems like a lot of times whether it be the you see a difference in hunters and then guys that are wanting to shoot competitively ryan lucas. Competitively is you don't need the big three hundred win mag and stuff like that because you want less regarding actually. Don't want that lighter cartridges. That still have good ballistics right. So the six five creed more the six create more all those came in you know But there's also that that breakaway there. Where if a guy re loads then his options for caliber or so much vaster than what is offered factory. That's a great point in also if they you know yes different different cartridges but also customizing what you want even if you say well i shoot six five but actually i'm really looking for like a superlight light like i'm two hundred grain hundred five hundred twelve million bullet or something like that which may be would be hard to find in factory loaded ammo absolutely right and then you have that option there you know so i think the the custom gun gives you because more than not in there are some guys that have custom rifles built because we can build a six five or six creed that you can shoot now You know hundred. He's making ammunition that the standard deviations are low enough that ammos consistent enough to shoot out when you're dialing on the scope

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