How to avoid a super-spreading coronavirus Christmas



Let's talk quickly about some tips to stay safe because we know that this coronavirus out there and we know that when it appears it can happen quickly by surprise and it's hard to get back to control so a good offense is the best defense as they say so norman. Water some about top tips for avoiding catching coronavirus around the christmas table. Okay so let's start white around australia before. We zero in on new south wales and queensland where the there are reported cases so everywhere around australia regardless. Whether it's christmas day or not. You got a symptom runny nose. Cough fatigue headache go and get tested. They'll be testing places. Open christmas day. Go and get tested. Don't wait that's the main thing that you can do in states where there are territories where there are. There's no virus circulating are apparently knows virus circulating. But there could be because you've got people coming in from overseas so any symptoms get tested. That's the main thing there and follow the rules in your state in terms of any restrictions that might be there. Victoria great news for hard work of july and august and september. Two has paid off. You've got a great christmas with virtually no or no fara circulating in victoria. So it's fantastic and it's just reward for the heart stuff that you've been going through in new south wales really regardless of whether your new south wales you just got to stop moving around and unfortunately you've got the best way to control from really spreading fast is for people not to be mixing with each other as so be mixing little as possible. Try cutting back. Your christmas lunch was probably too late by by the time. You're listening to this but really there are strict rules in place for the beaches area the northern beaches area of sydney but everywhere else. Just don't go out unless you really have to minimize the number of people who are coming into your home. That's the main thing that you can do wear masks when you go out to shop when onto public transport that should be mandatory. New south wales. It's not at the moment but you do your bit wear masks part from that. Have a great christmas. The you know it's important to enjoy it within that framework queenslanders. Some virus circulating. There's somebody from new south wales coming in. And there's a personal for super yachts apparently in far north queensland where the authorities are complaining that people are not being that forthcoming. Let's hope they are. to be alert and careful. What about around the table norman. We know that we talked before about whether or not you can catch the virus by eating it and we think we came to the conclusion that you probably can't but when you've got people touching their faces and sitting across the table from each other and there's food around should we doing christmas a bit differently the when it comes to eating and drinking. I think that's very hard to insist upon people coming together and having fun i think the main thing to say about christmas day wherever you are to make a safe as possible is if the weather allows it for example in western australia western stray where it can be very very hot and parts of regis trivia can be very hard as well but if it's possible to be outside that's the best place to be and you can really be much more relaxed outside than inside. So that's the key here. Try not to have an indoor christmas. And there's a little bit of evidence that you can consume it by eating. You can get captured by eating but not very much. There's not very much evidence really. That surfaces are a common source of infection. It's really through the air. That's why outside is so much more important. It's really unusual to catch this virus outside and kissing under the mistletoe. Yeah i think that's right you know. Just keep yourself to yourself. And there's of course i remixed if i didn't add that when you go to the bathroom flush with the done one can't have a coroner cast christmas without some party

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