Talk of entitlement reform takes over as midterms near


There were not politically, correct. But they've done what needed to be done in order to unleash the animal spirits. Alan greenspan's. Alan Greenspan, Stephanie. It's pretty tough to argue with him. Are you sure he said he loves the Trump tax cuts or you gotta sit there constructive. Now. He loved he loved it. They were politically incorrect. Now, what he doesn't love is that we haven't done entitlement reform to accompany them. I wanna you know, it's coming to that. But he loves the Trump tax cuts one of the things about entitlement reform that we need is it surprises me the young people. Don't get more engaged on the entitlement reform ya you know, they sort of latch onto issues that are very very popular in the news. Entitlement reform or something I think people should really care about. Listen, the issue with the tax cut is it's a clear positive for corporate America. The tax code as it was far too complicated. But the amount of taxes that they cut you could ask Jamie Dimon. He will say, listen, I'm glad we got the tax cut. We didn't need it to be as much as it is because we are facing a massive deficit, and as far as the tax cut goes we're seeing corporations do so well two weeks ago. I the business council summit there hasn't been a hundred fortune five hundred there tickled pink, and they're saying they're spending there investing hiring and even without the tax cuts. Deregulation has been a huge positive for corporate America because remember in the Obama administration. It was not a pro business administration. And even if companies weren't faced with new taxes, the threat of regulations of threat more could be coming down the pike was preventing companies from spending. You're definitely seeing corporate America in a very good place book at the stock market one of the reasons the stock market is doing so. Well, suddenly. Corporations have twice as much cash on the books. So it is a positive obviously have a very tight labor market time to see wages push up more than they have this far. So Stephanie role year in the second bluest bubble in America. I always think that silicon valley's a bluer bubble the Manhattan, but I just had Marsha Blackburn on she's had a nineteen point swing in her direction over two weeks, Heidi Heitkamp has fallen apart. And she did a pratfall releasing the name of abuse survivors against their will yesterday that is blowing up. You've got mic. Sally surging ahead of cinema. Do you sense that the blue tide is a thing of the past? And that in fact, we're looking at it read time, I've talked about this a lot. I've never seen a massive Blue Wave coming thing that distresses me isn't are we going massive, bluer massive read the thing that distresses me is the hollowing out of the center on both sides. That is what I think is the most concerning and I think we're seeing it in both parties. Did you read David Brooks piece yesterday about the eight percent on the left? China today. Oh, are you really? Because that is that's the most interesting thing. But the noise comes from those two groups, that's the note, and by the way, our cable channels both left and right that noise. I don't know how we're ever going to break out of this you you are one hundred percent, correct. On a us. An example for you on Monday when I woke up I wasn't on TV. I heard what not the media thought of what Hillary Clinton said on Monday on Sunday about her husband, and Monica Lewinsky. Okay, saying it was not an abusive power. So I said via Twitter take something clear what the president of the United States has a sexual encounter with an intern. It doesn't matter how she behaved, blah, blah, blah. That's an abusive pallet. I'm not saying I'm not saying it's a soft. It is an abuse of power. When I tell you, Hugh, I got a nihil lead on Twitter, and I should hold on a second. Because of course, I've wanted what about Trump what about companies both things can be true abuse. Power is not unique to one industry wants sport, one one nation or one political party. But the tribalism we are seeing the absolute forgiveness of one side and an assault of another. Stop. It's unreasonable. It is going to be very difficult to break away from the profit motive of super serving the six in the eight percent. But I'm glad you're doing the David. That's what that's why I watched up and he going do the David Brooks. Brooks column is the smartest thing I've read in ages. Hey, man payments. Definitely real good to talk to you s rule on Twitter American, of course on MSNBC. Don't go anywhere. I'm coming right back America time to keep talking about these midterms. The red tide is coming everything

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