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I would definitely not take the Celtics at my one twenty. I'll tell you that. Like I think that there's way too much value as Sixers and raptors I would probably lead a little bit towards. There's right now. You know, it's a total gamble on via del, but the games that plays they're going to win a bunch of obviously. And so you know, I think playing together another year we'll help. I love that they're starting false right off the bat. I think it's going to be. It's just a really good idea. So like I'm so worried I mean, so were yeah for guy. But you know, I think that you gotta like give them the confidence and just let them get out there and play and see what you've got like better now than in, you know, April to see what what would you? Why don't we have to start against the Celtics? No, I one I wanted to be ready. But why do we have to start against the Celtics? Why couldn't it be like? Why couldn't it be the Knicks or the hawks? Because there's no worse case scenario for more Foltz than to have his first game this season against the Boston Celtics, where he's directly compared to Jason Tatum and Jason Tatum by the way is going to be this game. Now set to kick off in fifteen minutes, a colossal mismatch because they're gonna start him at the four. The Sixers are going to start Saric. It's a four sharp can't guard Tatum. I'll tell you that right now. So that's an issue. And I'm just, you know, by all accounts, the Fulton made some comments about having to taking what the defense gives him and they're, they seem to be fairly aware that Boston intends to back off Foltz when he's outside. So Fulton Fulton needs to without hesitation. Take that first three when they give it to him and he would be great if it was close, it would be spectacular, went in, but he needs to take it. I do think that the first. I four or five minutes of the season going to dictate how Marquel foles plays over the first quarter of the season. That's crazy. That's such a gamble, but I read that so Rettig is going to be starting the second half isn't he? So I don't think it's that's a lock that he's going to start the second half. But the plan is that that is a possibility that he would get second half stars false would come in and run. The second unit play point guard in the second half more. So it I mean. Visit just wow that that even out there that they're just frowned is readily admitting that like this is important for him for his confidence. I, I mean, I think that it's kind of gamble and also kind of like admitting that this kid is so in his own head right now. And yeah, wildly fragile mentally, that's my concern. I don't like that, but you know that being said, I do like the move. I like the, I think it's good to show confidence in your young star. I think that he obviously, I know you agree with this, but if he's good, it changes the whole complexion of the season and the way they are going forward. So you know, this is the thing. Yeah, you're, you're right. This person that it's my dictate the first quarter, but there's also it's such a long season. I mean, we'd really in a couple of weeks. It could totally change everything. We shall see. I watched the Sixers play four preseason games in one of them. He was comfortable pulling up and taking jump shots and given opportunity, looked like the Marquel Foltz of Washington that was the the Miami, the Orlando game where even hit the three and every other game. He just looked like he had no interest at all in shooting jump shots unless it was the last case scenario option for him. We'll see he's got, but he absolutely has to if they sag off them on that, I play the game. You gotta pull up take the three without hesitating..

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