Hurricane Florence, CBS and National Hurricane Center discussed on Total Information AM


Cloudy morning in the Outer Banks, but the rain is expected to move in and a few hours as hurricane Florence approaches. The Carolina coast. That we're worried about not knowing what's coming and win at a common how Florence has been downgraded to a category. Two storm with maximum sustained winds of one hundred ten miles an hour. But the reach of those winds has doubled to eighty miles Daniel Brown at the National Hurricane Center. Outer bands again to move over the area. It's likely if twins will begin to increase we'll start to experience. A tropical storm force winds you this morning or by early this afternoon, and they conditions continue to deteriorate CBS's Mola langey in rights, Ville beach, North Carolina energy, which serves the Carolinas anticipates that one to three million of its customers could be without electricity after the storm some potentially for weeks. And of course,

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