Why'd You Push That Button returns for a third season



In the latest pod news, hey, there this is Ashleigh, Carmen. This is Caitlin. Tiffany, we host. Why'd you? I? That button the verge show about all the decisions. Technology forces us to make you push that button. A podcast, examines the way technology influences are thinking, changes are behavior affect. Our social lives is returning for a third series. Why bother with podcasting when you can just Facebook live, Paul Culligan checks the stats, average consumption for podcasting, he discovers his much much better. Facebook is making TV show with Jessica Bill based on line town. Bill is playing the part of Lima haddock the podcasts host and journalist in Los Angeles, New fronts, west contained announcements from the Los Angeles Times and Gandhari media group about new podcast from them. Poltrak heaven ounce, their top US podcast publishers for September twenty eighteen the listing for this American life and cereal is up seventeen million, which would indicate that. Cereal which launched on September. Twentieth is responsible for about one point, seven million downloads at day. The third coast international audio festival have posted the winners of their awards. One of the most talked about podcasts. He recorded a podcast movement. Whiskey cast has announced a partnership with premium Irish whiskey, brand writers, tears. The company will sponsor a section of the podcast for the next year planet podcasting, Australia's largest independent podcast network has signed with TRITON digital to deliver and monetize that podcast content and a Sifi audio. Drama tides is currently raising money for a second series through indigo,

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