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Downtown watch for a crash in the toilet. Occurs. It is under the Brier place overpass. It is blocking the right lane. It is not causing a delay. A driver was shot by a Vancouver police officer during a traffic stop this morning caters. Jackie Labrecque says it happened on I five south near fourth plain boulevard. He pulled over the driver who was in a stolen vehicle in during that traffic. Stop. You. Don't know exactly what happened. What led to it? But an officer shot the suspect the suspect then took off and a half mile later. Police say he dumped the soul on car and east street right off of east fourth plane, then he ran off and south must have found the first on my car he came to an head. Of course, that's where police found him into custody. He is hospitalized for his injuries. He'll face charges winnings released from the hospital a dangerous rescue last night in downtown Portland. A man was wedged between two buildings five stories off the ground. Easy. Borland fire bureau. Lieutenant Richard Chapman says one firefighter was able to wedge himself down near the man and helped him climb back to the roof. They have not said why the man was there. He wasn't hurt a moving Amtrak train their Albany, New York had several passenger cars disconnect. Helen crane was one of the passengers something waving.

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