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No, I wouldn't be a lot more. I would treat it the same way. I would treat an IRO or a Roth IRAs individual IRA traditional IRA 4._0._1._K. I would invest and plan on growing that money. Okay. Yeah. So I've already got my I've got my yearly maximum set aside already for my health insurance. So if I do get hit by a bus God forbid, I've got I've got the deposit covered all the deduction covered already. So I'm planning ahead. Just like you taught us I'm I'm pretty excited with the financial state. I'm in right now. Beautiful. I'm very proud of you. Then phone calls like yours, really make all the difference. It's why I'm here. It's why I do this. Well, and I I use your with my employees because I paid a pretty good salary to manage people who don't make good life decisions. So when I talked to him about getting into their 4._0._1._K's because we have a company match. I use your example of you wanna drive a Cadillac to the auto parts store, or do you want to be the guy who tells me when the windshield wipers for my Cadillac there you go. That's exactly right. Good for you. Definitely taken advantage of everything we've talked about here. I think it's great. I really hope you feel by hope you feel better. I hope you're able to travel soon because I'm looking forward to meeting you in Dallas one day and with that being said since I'm calling from Dallas. And I'm a big fan of Brad. Did you take out with Brad the Ola style? I don't know if we have that Mikey. We save brat. We have all right here we go. I'm not the world's most racist guy. But when I see a black what goes through my mind is E Bola E Bola. Well, I'm not done. But I can't understand.

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