Is GHB Safe?


For those. You haven't heard of GHB gamma hydroxy botanic acid originally known as the date rape drug. Be put slip it into drinks to aid with sexual assault. And I in no way endorse anything like that. When it comes to the use of GHB. However, there are there are interesting things about this molecule that. I think make it compelling, and when I go to parties these days where I'm in in Vegas with some my friends at cetera. Many of them are now a shoeing alcohol in favor of you know, marijuana edibles marijuana. Vape pens, small microdosing LSD or suicide Simon. Some cases larger doses. And then also do GHB which will typically have them like a little, you know, like like a little flask. Or, you know, I know some people carry it around like five hour energy bottles things that look like it's not what it is. And that's that's GHB even bodybuilders speak of mass gains that it promotes increase production of growth hormone, human, growth hormone and promote sounder sleep. And it actually is one of the few molecules I've ever been able to find that has been proven to increase deep sleep cycles, dramatically and recovery and growth hormone dramatically during sleep when used in the proper amounts and used correctly without any deleterious side effects. The problem is that it can be very difficult to dose, and it causes this coma like sleep the when mixed with alcohol enhances the depressant effective in more. And so it can quickly lead to unconsciousness and even death. You know, especially if you've vomited or something like that while you're in the coma. And that's one of the reasons that of course, it was used as a date rape drug as well. Because if you don't dose properly, I mean, your heart rate will slow your breath rate will slow your body temperature will decrease in get nausea, and you get coma, and you can't even get death. So, you know, this also though in lighter amounts is something that is used as a party drug. You know, one of one of the the the street names for it is liquid ecstasy liquidity. And so you know, it actually can be one of those things that kind of kind of picks you up a little bit. If you use it in in a little bit more of a party or kind of even like a sex scenario. It's us a lot of times to enhance as well, but in higher amounts definitely something that would be used for sleep. So this is one of those compounds of very similar to some other compounds out there, you know, like CBD, for example, you know, very effective in the treatment of narcolepsy or anxiety or stress and smaller amounts, but then larger amounts can improve sleep structure and really give you a lot of growth hormone release in recovery while you're asleep, and it. Simulates the the brain neurotransmitter gamma immuno be acids. So anybody who's taken like a P H Gabba, which is far easier to get you can buy ph GATT on Amazon, you can kind of get a little bit of a feel for what had feel like to use GHB. If you were to do something like take PH Gabba and have a glass

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