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Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars plus three per sky book that is it's interesting going overseas. I, you know, I'm on this eagles seem I think that I that that game obviously was not great last week. But it was not. They control the whole. I really really like that. I still, you You know. know that you may be good for them in the long term. So just getting them more focused. I I like the eagles this when I think that I definitely take the points here or lay the points to the Cleveland Browns traveled to Pittsburgh to take only rival, Pittsburgh Steeler. Steelers minus eight? This Browns thing is something man. I I have no feel for it. I would defer to you on it. I think that you know, the the Steelers off the bye on bell nowhere to be found. But. Eight and a half. I, you know, I think that the Steelers are gonna come off the bye and wax the Browns. I think that this is going to be a high scoring game. But I will take the Steelers covering that big spread. The Denver Broncos travel to Kansas City. Take on the Kansas City. Chiefs chiefs, minus ten prescribe..

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