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Great is Brooklyn's I Nico company, and they are passionate about building the best footwear in the game. At the best price. Greats has a fantastic offer. Just for you, be sure to stay tuned at the end of the show for that offer. And to learn a little bit more about this company that's making waves in the footwear industry. From wondering, I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily when you think about persuading your baby to eat, mashed bananas or God forbid peas certain tiny jar immediately popped to mind Gerber's baby food, not only is the Gerber baby iconic so too are those little jars of pureed fruit and veggies still made the way they've always been designed to last on your shelf for a good long time, and like all big food companies Gerber is contending with changing tastes and lowering tolerance for chemicals, especially among young parents sales of processed baby food have been dropping over the last several years, but organic food has been flying off the shelves last week. The century-old company finally jumped on the bandwagon with a test of a new line called fresh full start gerbers rolling out the line of fifteen organic refrigerated products in walmarts in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri at four to six dollars. Piece for just two servings the bowls pure as and ready to heat entrees, don't come cheap, but shoppers have been willing to spend similar amounts for organic baby food from startups like once upon a farm and pure spoon once upon a farm with actress Jennifer garner as its public face just raised twenty million dollars in funding. The startup will use the money to grow its line of fresh food packaged in BPA free recyclable pouches. Another favourite of on the go parents organic baby food is hot. But there's one market even the most convenient and freshest food company might struggle to crack. Those are the parents who would still rather puree their own organic bananas. Impedes not only to know exactly what they're feeding their kids, but to keep a little more money in their wallets while they do. Romm wondering this is business wars daily. Hey, we'd love to get to know you better. Please take just a minute. Visit us at wondering dot com slash survey. An answer a few questions it'll help us alive. Thanks a bunch. I'm David Brown back with you tomorrow. Thanks to greats for sponsoring business wars daily greats thinks it's okay to buy status as long as you. Don't overpay. The company was founded by two guys who wanted to build a great sneaker brand that made high quality product and sold it direct to the consumer at value prize. Now when they launched this company their footwear became an instant classic selling out of most styles within ninety days. Now, I've got the windward dune. This one is like a classic boat shoe, but updated it's more comfortable and feels more durable than anything else. I've tried and it gets noticed. Now greats offers men and women styles. And I promise you, you'll take one look at their website and see at least one pair you need to have right now. As a listener of business wars daily. You can save fifteen percent off your first purchase by going to greats dot com. That's G R E A T S dot com and using the offer code BW daily at the checkout. That's great Stott com. Offer code BWI for fifteen percent off your. I purchase greats. Classic styles. Made the best for less.

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