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Remembers April nineteenth, two thousand seventeen and the news breaking that former patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had killed himself while within the confines of jail sale. But what really happened, how to turn and go from star athlete to murderer and how much of an effect did playing football have on that dark journey, the Boston Globe award winning investigative journalism unit known as the spotlight team attempt to make sense out of the life, legal troubles and death of Aaron Hernandez over six can't miss episodes. The spotlight team goes deep into the world of CT brain damage the mind of Aaron Hernandez and looks at the role that the people around him may have played in who Hernandez became you're about to hear the trailer for gladiator, Aaron, Hernandez, and football Inc. A series in which investigative sports reporter, Bob holder attempts to make sense of one of the darkest stories in sports history. This is a tale that is both much deeper and much more. Mr. than you may know as you listened to the trailer, make sure to subscribe to gladiator Aaron Hernandez and football link on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this. You can also find a link in the episode knows be sure to tell your friends because what you're about to hear is a story that no one's gonna wanna miss. Nine one one according, where is your -mergency. Three, oh seven. In the morning on nine one one call comes in from Sousa, Baranovsky correctional centre, a maximum security prison in Massachusetts. I need a ambulance or an inmate hanging. Okay. I'm gonna put you on with women. Thank you. A man has been found hanging from a makeshift news made from a bedsheet in his cell. The emergency medical team arrives at the prison at three twenty nine AM by then prison guards have cut the inmate down and performed chest compressions, twenty minutes later he's still isn't breathing. A little after four in the morning and our after the first nine one one call, the man is officially pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. He was one of fourteen inmates to die by suicide that year in Massachusetts prisons, and he was the only one of those fourteen whose suicide made big headlines. I in New England Caitlyn Gosling. She has the latest details as well as reaction Palin. Yeah. Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in his prison cell by corrections officers in Shirley, Massachusetts. Just after three o'clock this morning, the story what national Wiki news, Aaron Hernandez, the former patriots tight in committed suicide Allen Hernandez who was found dead in his prison is delays what was discovered written on errands, Hernandez head when he was found in that cell. On that early morning in April of two thousand seventeen Hernandez became one of a number of famous ex football players who've taken their own lives. Did his brain injuries from football contribute to his downfall? How did as many deep secrets, including about his sexuality shape the course of his life, Aaron Hernandez went from a star athlete to a convicted murderer to a suicide victim. What could anyone have done to prevent it. That was just a preview of gladiator, Aaron Hernandez, and football Inc to hear the rest of this episode subscribe to gladiator, Aaron, Hernandez, football, Inc on apple podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts or find a link in the episode notes.

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