Pope Francis canonizes seven new saints


Celebrating seven new saints USA's. Chris Barnes report. Pope francis. Water news change Pope, Paul this text and slain Salvadoran archbishop Oscar Romero is prophets of a church that he says looks out for the poor as he presided over a canonization ceremony on Sunday morning. The two canonized along with five other people at the start of Sunday's mash history's first Latin-American pope warning at his homily Sunday of the danger posed by wealth calling quote, the love of money the root of all evils and saying, quote, we see this where money is at the center. There is no room for God. Nor for man Francis. Said Paul who oversaw the nineteen sixties meetings. That modernized the Catholic church survived deep misunderstandings. Cross new boundaries for the sake of following Christ's call he praised Romero who was gunned down by El Salvador's, right wing death squads as having given up his own life to be quote, close to the poor. Four and to his people

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