MLB -- Boston Red Sox keep Houston Astros within their reach


Is way out of trouble. Shabby. The legend do worked on ESPN radio and the game last night with Jessica Minoza with that call in the bottom of the first inning, the Red Sox struck, I recommend Grasset or swang in a live Dr, bass it out of the right center field. Cut it off as Rettig bet. Surround third. He's into score the Red Sox two batters in Leded wanted nothing. You could tell the Gary cole- was struggling for his secondary stuff and Rafael Devers took advantage to two on the way swing ground basically to left via Benintendi scores Bogart. So stop it. Third as federalis holds them up. It's an RBI single Deckers the other way. And it's too dummy. David price in the Red Sox had a quick to nothing lead, but in the top of the second inning, the Astros counter-attacked. Swing a line drive, fair ball inside the first base line into scores Correa Maldonado on his heels Springer into second. Just like that. The Astros have tied it up to to a soft line drive that just hung in the air and hung in the air and Pierce diving wasn't able to reach it in the top of the third. The Astros took the lead, here's a three to swing and a high fly ball left field that will back there on its way dawn over the monster Marwick Gonzales, a two run blast. The Astros have a four, two lead. After the game, Garrett, Cole would talk about what happened next is maybe being the pivot point because he did not have shutdown inning and the bottom of the third inning. After the Astor's took the lead, this is what happened. Jackie Bradley Jr. the plate bowl turns down the rubber now to one. Swing and a high fly ball towards the left field corner Gonzales swords Alon that was off the lobster into score Bogart's Pierce autists heels here comes Denver's Bradley's into second Genesee Bradley Jr. clears the bases, Red Sox by Iran Boston on top five four is that was high up onto the monster just inside the poll state of the park. It was still five, four in the bottom of the seventh inning. Lance mccullers junior was on the mound behind the plate Martine Maldonado and look Lance mccullers union as one of the best breaking balls in baseball in Maldonado acknowledged that what happened in the bottom of the seventh inning, which was repeated problems. Catching baseball may have been because his unfamiliarity with that great curl ball mccullers give lesson. Now it's left up to Bogart with bets at third to down the pitch outside off the global Maldonado. Haney Red Sox have an insurance run that one was up at a way Maldonado couldn't keep it in front and Mukhi bets, grants home six, four, Boston Rick came out of the Red Sox bullpen to throw the top of the eighth inning attacking headers and then Mookie Betts applied the coup gras in the bottom of the eighth inning. One live base hit out of the right field. That's with the knocked Evers around. Third, he's to score bet slides into second. It's an RV I double Mookie delivers than it seven to four in the top of the night. Then Craig kimbrel emerged from the Boston Doug ad. And you remember what happened at the end of the Anki series. He struggled to find home plate and there was some anxiety in the stands at Fenway park as Kimball started at night inning, and the Astros began to rally on swang in a ball ham left field towards the monster, and that's high off the monster. Now to Vail take the turn will hang on at first. He kinda limps back in there. That's an RBI single off the monster. And now it's seven, five next to the plate, Alex bregman who was red hot at the end of the regular season, the Red Sox staff, it made it clear decision not to pitch to him six walks in the firm. Two-game series. Plus he was hit by a pitch in another plate appearance in this case, Kimbrell had to throw them, and this is what happened regmunt back in a way to get a one, the pitch swing and a high fly ball, left field Benintendi near the wall and makes the catch, and that is the ballgame. Just the base of the green monster hold it in and kimbrel by the skin of his teeth to close it out and the Red Sox. Hang onto what it in the Astros clubhouse after the game bregman was asked about whether or not he thought he got it. He said, no, if I got it, it would have been out in the street. Mookie Betts was on the field after the game, and I caught up with them. We did great. No, yet out. We've proven that we've been in both games. Everyone was second one and we'll just continue to play are going into Houston. When asked you about a couple of pitchers, David price, you know the scrutiny that's been on early game, keeps you guys right there. You guys win a game. He starts. Yeah. I mean, he's a great pitcher, you know, no matter what people say goes out. He are thirty million dollars a year. For reason he showed about record cells work out of the bullpen. He's, you know, he's done great. Starting out of the bullpen anywhere you put up. You know, he's got. And compete Fisher. AJ Hinch. The Astros manager talked about Mukhi bets ignited from the very beginning of the game. I mean, this place energy of this place when he comes up too bad is is really electrifying. So when you try to minimize much as you can in front of them, we didn't do a great job of that today. But from the the first bat- on, he kind of set the tone from the very beginning. So it's why he's very much MVP candidate. AJ was asked also about looking bad's, going around the bases in that seventh inning to make the score six, two, four at that time, give a lesson the insurance from this word and the seven Makiko around the basis how unusual to see that with with its. He went around the basis that have to put a ball and play in on. That's those are tough in this in this type of series is tightly CEPA games. It's a long characteristic. I mean, obviously, mccullers abroad mccullers ended try to keep it a one run game with the way that this series can go. And it's almost like a Tiger Balm for me. So last to a couple of nasty breaking ball, just look like, you know, Martinez lost it in the people in center field or just got a little bit got a little bit lax back. There had a little tough time and Mukhi went around the bases. I walk and then no-ball plane is of scorn before this series began AJ Hinch raved about Mukhi bets in his impact on the Red Sox. And Alex Cora was asked about Hinch comments on mochi and his play. Give lesson. Listen. A game AJ called Mukhi ticking time bomb, and he kind of went off tonight. Do you think it was more himself tonight? You said you wanted to get on the air did a couple of times? Yeah, Jesus Margai they went to Stanford.

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