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Birthday party at the United Center with the Chicago Blackhawks groups started at ten tickets. Great seats available at all price ranges at chicagoblackhawks dot com. So plan your outing today drop to the left of war. The hawks get it in the far corner. Pokes the puck behind the hawk net. Rolls out to the left point cleft bomb the drive. Sliding Pat save made by ward. And then could you misplace the puck back to center ice arsenal? Go back and get it in the Oilers zone. Quick pass over the center ice circle Hopkins. The mcdavid over the hawk line down the right wing half boards. It across top of the left circle. Palm with a wrist shot. Missed the net puck rides around the glass in boards and ends up at center ice, the oiler glue mcdavid hands without the cleft bomb. Quick pass Hopkins. The cajole over the lie back across the nugent-hopkins. Nanny MRs on the near side with a openness, slam dunk title, but opportunity Kunitz passing to center ice occurred on the left wing benches. He'll dump the puck down in behind the net. Get off on a change Oilers. Get it back Larson passing to dry Seidel hawk line right wing, deflects it down the boards in behind the net. Ward plays it around to Seabrook. Lists the puck to center ice Tobias Rieder picks it off for the Oilers dumps the puck to the right corner hawk zone gusts in their winds at around behind the net the side of the right wing to center ice, put it across the rink Kane. The oil line that in left circle winds up and fires and that's over the net around the glass and back out the center ice traffic heading towards the front of the net. Gust past to hit the net. Make the goaltender make us save on that play. That's just too good of an opportunity to his high at why not Cain over the center ice circle along with Chia. They deflect the puck up into the Oilers bench. One nothing Edmonton fourteen forty two left in period. Number two. Face off. They're gonna put it at center ice looks like a race. Brennan manning getting a. Davidson getting an adjustment on his helmet. A little bit of a delay here. After that entanglement with Kassian probably work something free there. Davidson a left handed defenseman playing the side the right side trying to get his helmet snapped up. They've gotta give credit to the Blackhawks trainer for Troy parchment joined the team late yesterday in Vancouver. Wet for US

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