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Spiderman into the spider verse? Yes. Coming out December fourteenth and time for Christmas. Just in time. Irs I am looking forward to this Troy because not only because it spider-man's Spiderman better mines vitamins. The animation. Looks amazing Amit a whole lot of stuff animated in that fashion before I don't know what they did different. But it's really touching. It's almost like they took comic book like a comic book and 'em enemy. Yeah. I think you're I mean, if if the trailers are any indication on how the movies gonna look. Wow. I mean, I even if you're Spiderman movie, I'll watch it choice, and I do have spent tattoo in is not a tramp stamp, Tom. I shoulder upside down still needed to be colored any tattoo artists out there. I need to colored. But anyway. Yeah. It's miles. Is it going to? Smiles miles Centric. Yeah. I guess it's going to be. Man. I can't say his name. Voicing miles. Morales. Sham Sam Sam lake more. Sorry picture. Please forgive me for butchering your named. Jay junks is going to be voicing Peter bar, despite Amanda, I'm guessing I think so yeah, there's an older Peter Pirker. Like like adult this. Peter Parker using the trailer. Right. Yeah. Even spider Spiderwoman spider doing this. Or I think spider woman's in it also. But the trae trailer is spider spider Gwynne, spider, Gwynne slash go spider. Major name fishes, so cool. I did a fan of spider win. I'm sorry. That's one of the spider. I really I I I'll be honest. I don't I don't know. I know very little, but yeah. Yeah. She's in it. All the older. Peter Parker spider Spiderman war, and everybody's favorite. Peter poker, pork, spider ham. Even brought in spite it's going to be Asom. I can't Troy this. This is this is gonna it's gonna be fun it, honestly, if there's no store just seeing all these characters in this animated movie is going to be so fun to watch. I think. Yeah. Like, I was saying. Whenever marvel puts all the same characters together. Like all the Spiderman you get a lot of comedy and action is turns out to be really good movie. DC does it you get the nightmare. Batman in. This the world ends. That's the two different ways. Those guys third the characters together. I did not know this until right now my phone who's voicing Spiderman, I did not know that crazy nNcholas Spiderman war, that's. The bees. We've got a live fiber is voicing kicking in and all alternate. Ultimate prowlers going to be voiced by all league from the what's what's his character's name in Luke eight. Can't remember it was cutting out cotton amount. Yeah. He's going to be voicing the prouder in spite of it'll be in the prowlers actually mouse's fecal yet. If you guys don't know there's Easter really didn't know about homecoming. Homecoming Donald Glover, the ad eight him, it's it was Kagame Aaron. Prowler? Yes. But yet the premise is on miles. Morales is reality playing reality universe. They something happens with a supercollider. They causes a rift between all the universes and all these other Spiderman come into malls Morales universe. And they have to do something to fix this before destroys all the realities. Don't know what it is. But it looks good. It's spite America, I'm going to watch it anyway, has Gobber Nsur watching as goblin all four being that is that one like that. Because I know in the previews the goblin giant Ormond. He's bulky and yet, I don't know if that's just there in dishes or what? But there's been about thousand renditions of goblin. Everybody's been the goblin at some point. It's going to be awesome. I think there's only two trailers out for this right now or one I seen. The only one

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