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I really don't have to tell you. But it's been my that you have games where you walk away from the game feeling almost a sense of exhilaration, you feel great. And you think that you know, that that feelings going to last this things are going great. And then you have one of those games where you walk away from the menu, you feel very bummed out. And I think last night's game was was one of those the four two loss in Vancouver had to be one where just took the wind out of your sales. What's the message to the group now after a game like that going forward? The thing is I forty minutes. We were doing everything right now. Give a four scoring chances plan exactly how you'd like to play and still to to hockey game. And you know, we got away from a little bit of structure and a little bit of our habits. The details that you need from start to finish and the importance of every single shifts always in place and it gets back into play with imports into the third period. Was their best period. And we weren't as good. So it was like that was the differential, and I think a couple of mistakes and its internet. Let's talk about the month of October which the Blackhawks finished with a record of six four and three for the month. That's their first winning record, by the way for a month since last fall and you enter the month of November. You got thirteen more games, and some real tough opponents. It's an unrelenting schedule. What sense? Do you get at this point in the season? The team is beginning to gel. Well, we've got a great start in coming after a couple of games there. We'd like to think that you're gonna get more than a point in their last two games. And we had a couple of stretches. They're at home with the two games will be played against Anaheim. And Rangers that were. Geez. That was really encouraging. And and then you go to Saint Louis and not quite, but I thought we weren't neaten and the last couple of games, and if we can be neater with the puck, I think that's gonna enhancer our game. And I think that whether it's the passing receive. Leaving or patients and play recognition. You know? I think the puck could be a little bit more in our favor in that area. And be you're gonna be neat. Need to be neat with the puck here tonight for sure as you're playing the Edmonton Oilers second time in five days when you play the Oilers nowadays that means you're taking on Connor mcdavid company. And we saw him at the United Center on Sunday and the closely contested overtime loss where you know, the team seemed to hold him in check that entire game until the very very end only twenty six shots on goal in that game, by the way by the Edmonton Oilers. Are we looking at a similar kind of a game plan here tonight? Even though it's on Edmonton ice. Well, I think really playing real strong team game as far as you know, not playing so wide open. They're a lot more structure and how they're planning their defensive zone and what they're giving up off the Russian plant a real tighter game. Obviously, they got the explosiveness with not just mcdavid..

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